Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jeremy Kost's The Ladies That Lunch

If I'm as pink as my dress, it's only because I drank too much wine. Mary Katrantzou dress, Lanvin boots, Devaki hat, CK tights, Triskaidekaphobia jewelry.

Tonight Christina, Jimmy and I stopped by the National Arts Club to celebrate the opening of Jeremy Kost's new photography exhibitions, The Ladies That Lunch, featuring portraits of New York's most famous and infamous drag queens. It was a pleasure to see the wildly dressed party guests, many of whom were in full drag regalia, juxtaposed against the gorgeously staid and totally old-school club. Plus, Christina and I were definitely in the mood to celebrate---we just got an email today letting us know that (our idol) Helena Bonham Carter just bought our last Triskaidekaphobia "Drink Me" bottle necklace from Kabiri! I was also happy to have an occasion to wear my new Mary Katrantzou perfume bottle dress which I picked up at the Barney's Warehouse sale for about 90% off (lucky for me, I seriously don't think anybody else there knew who she was). In fact, I was so excited that I decided make myself I living perfume bottle and doused myself with an obnoxious amount of Flowerbomb before I left the house. Thankfully, amongst my outrageous companions, too much was just enough.

Christina wearing a Margarita Saplala dress, Prada boots, Target tights and Triskaidekaphobia jewelry.

La-la-la-Ladyfag was the gorgeous host for the evening

Christina and Richie Rich

Jordan, posing next to her portrait!

One of the beautiful stain glass windows that are scattered throughout the club.

Nomi of Hercules and Love Affair was the lovely DJ of the night

Part of an entire glass cabinet full of Pug memorabilia that a patron of the N.A.C. left to them after they died.


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ほし said...

Oh man, awesome. Love the dress.

Insomnia said...

Most fabulous dress! I have shoes of exact same shade.

Fashion Nicotine said...

Love the hat on the first picture!!

Xx. Fashion Nicotine

Glowing Doll said...

Your dress reminds me of Metropolis.

That's so cool that HBC bought your 'Drink me' necklace.

WendyB said...

Great dress -- I love her prints.

Shay said...

dress in the first pic = jaw. dropping.

wow!!! The sleeves are super good.

dv said...

such good photos

Frou Flu said...

hey tiffany,i love your dress!!!:)