Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tales of Undefined Gravity

Right now, I have absolutely no desire to be in Stockholm. To make myself feel better about nasty winters in New York, I always keep weather updates for Stockholm equally handy on my iPhone, and a quick peek at the arctic temperatures immediately silences any complaints I have about my local climate. Nonetheless, it is currently Stockholm Fashion Week, and the one thing I do feel like I'm missing out on is seeing the work of some of my best friends. As usual, I'm super disappointed to miss this afternoon's showing of Odeur's Fall 2010 collection, designed by my friend Gorjan Lauseger, along with his partner Petter Hollström, and modeled by the self-proclaimed "handsomest man in Finland" (I'll vouch for him), Aapo.

Gorjan was sweet enough to forward over the lookbook pictures for this collection last week, and I'm incredibly impressed by the development of the versatile, unisex pieces for which they are known. Odeur's charm lies in the uniquely cut patterns that subtly differentiate themselves from traditional patterns in unexpected ways. A t-shirt is never just a t-shirt at Odeur. Here are a few of my favorite looks, which demonstrate just how well the collection works on both sexes. I desperately wish I could see all these pieces in person, particularly because I'm missing the signature scent for which the brand is named. Anyway, excellent work Gorjan, I can't wait to see the runway photos!


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Anthea said...

These pieces are fantastic! Bravo. Thanks for sharing!

Miss Woody said...

love your blog !

Charles said...

extremely cool clothing! I love it :D

as for the weather...i think winters are cold and annoying in most places.

dustydress said...

i was at the show, it was one of my favorites of Stockholm fashion week, everything from the music to the pace of the show fit perfectly with the well designed collection. you can tell they've both progressed as designers


i like, especially grey pieces.