Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The September Issue Discussion and Signing at Barnes & Nobles

Andre Leon Talley and Anna Wintour in The September Issue

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to participate in a phone interview with The September Issue director, R.J. Cutler. While I unfortunately didn't get to make the interview, I did receive a preview copy of the DVD, and viewed the film for the first absolutely delightful time. They just don't make enough films about the fashion industry, and when they do come out, you have to savor every moment. And it doesn't get much better than an inside peek at the offices of American Vogue. It's always refreshing to see a real portrayal of the fashion industry, which inevitably entails plenty of unglamorous work, petty bickering, warring egos, frazzled assistants, ridiculous fashion-speak, etcetera.

While Anna Wintour does deliver moments of the cruelty she is famous for (watching her jovially tell the film's cameraman that he needs to hit the gym while pointing to a photo of his puffy stomach is particularly wince-worthy), Cutler also manages to show Wintour in a relatively human light. Many of these moments are captured in the Bonus Feature material of the DVD, and there's a particular poignant clip of Wintour speaking at Isabella Blow's memorial service in London. Grace Coddington is particularly mesmerizing to watch, and Andre Leon Talley delivers plenty of quotable quotes and much-needed humor. Each editor is a fascinating character study in themselves, and it is a treat to watch the deleted footage that focuses on them (although the the boring boardroom meetings might be unnecessary).

The DVD is available today, and if you are in New York, Director R.J. Cutler, Grace Coddington, and Andre Leon Talley will be having a discussion and signing at the Union Square Barnes & Nobles this Thursday at 4pm. I know I will definitely try to make it.


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Sutton said...

i just re-watched the film last night. i love it - and the soundtrack is great too!


Daisy said...

Oh wow, I must see this !!

bravegrrl said...

can't wait to see it!