Monday, February 15, 2010

Odyn Vovk Fall 2010

I have a back log of pictures to post, but these past few days has been more about getting things done than seeing many shows or attending any parties (unless I'm throwing them). Nonetheless, I managed to stop by Odyn Vovk show on Friday night before Claudia's sick office party at Pier 59 Studios (baby tiger cubs!) and hosting at the Ed Bangers Record party.

I have to be perfectly honest and say that as much as I love black jersey, leather, etcetera, it's a little difficult for me to distinguish how Vovk's show differ from season to season. However, I did make a few observations. For me, the Fall 2010 collection recalled Richard Avedon's series of photographs of drifters in the American West. The models were made up to look scruffy, weather worn and sunburnt, and resembled off-duty coal miners or oil rig workers (albeit very good looking ones). In turn, the clothes bore the same broken-in feel. Many of them appeared to be typical work garments that had been deconstructed and reconfigured to fit into Vovk's vision, which always seems part gothic, part post-apocalyptic. Here are a few of the stand out looks in the collection.


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