Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Katie Gallagher Fall 2010

Christina and I have both skipped the majority of shows we were invited to this week, partially because of all the work we need to do to get our own line in order, but also because of general laziness/inability to cope with nasty New York winter weather/indifference. For the good shows, you're likely to get a better view on anyway. Of course, there are a few exceptions, and I knew I couldn't miss Katie Gallagher's show, especially since several of my friends helped out (Ashley did a wonderful job with the hair). Once again, Katie delivered a spectacular collection, filled with multi-paneled tops, jackets and leggings, creating looks that were both femme and futuristic. I love the way she mixed incongruous fabrics and textures into sleek, streamlined pieces. The hair and makeup, styled after Katie herself, was also a highlight, featuring melted press-on nails--something I would definitely like to try at home!

Of course the presentation was jam-packed with people, so I couldn't get very many decent pictures, but I did run into a lot of friends, including Nikki, who was wearing a Gareth Pugh coat she got off of eBay for a steal! She gave me some awesome eBaying tips, after managing to score the the Pugh from a girl who apparently didn't know anything about the designer.

These paneled leggings were incredible up close, I wanted to steal them right off of the model

Loving the angular heels on these shoes

Melted acrylic fingernails + killer paneled leggings

Nikki wearing the Gareth Pugh jacket she found on eBay!


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bravegrrl said...

love everything, cept the acrylic nails, haha!

great post, thanks so much for sharing, i would have loved to see in person :)


Amanda said...

i was going to run out on my lunch break but it didn't work out... epic leggings like last season, would've loved to have seen those up close!

carlyjcais said...

LOVE all these pieces- the detailing is AMAZING! Thanks so much for sharing - I had thought I might run into you girls while I was in and out of the tents this week, but luck. I'm also beginning to skip shows here and there due to exhaustion and not wanting to brave the weather. I can't believe this is the last season at the Tents!! We won't be able to say "The Tents" anymore!
But oh, goodness, Katie Gallagher's work is *divine.* Love the paneled leggings!

Mouthwash said...

what amazing pieces!! thank you for sharing


odetoawe said...

love the collection, it's amazing. wow

Leslie said...

Please share these miraculous ebaying tips with us as well. :(

Connie said...

Adore everything, especially the heels on those boots.

The Heartbreak

dirtyflaws said...

great seeing you x next time im in nyc ill let you know sooner we can meet up x