Saturday, February 27, 2010

Helsinki Hot Nights

My dear friend Aapo is interning for Daniel Palillo in Finland right now, and sent over these images from Daniel's new lookbook. I emailed him back to ask what the inspiration for he collection was this time, and unfortunately he doesn't seem to have a clue, so your guess is as good as mine. The collection is typical Palillo fare: super-oversized tees adorned with giant graphics, decisively placed holes (this time, lined with tubular rims), and plenty of tent shaped silhouettes that balloon out from the body. Dubbed "Helsinki All Night," I can only imagine that it's partially an ode to all of Finland's wildly dressed club kids and fashion set. Miss you Aapo, now can you please send me one of those holey-sweatshirt jacket things?


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Sutton said...

this collection is great. i love all the leggings. where can we buy in the us? im obsessed!

thank you for sharing.

Tiffany and Christina said...


You can find his current collection at Welcome Hunters in LA (!


Reija said...

Also at Wunder online shop

joy said...

I have been reading up on him (interviews and etc.). I just did a post about him on my blog, I really love his clothes even if I wouldn't wear each piece. Thank you for getting us the inside scoop.


Amanda said...

love him! saw some his pieces at welcome hunters when i was out there last week. the pants with the pieces jutting out are interesting..