Monday, February 22, 2010

E.M. Everyday

Tiptoe, the children's line, featured frogs, rabbits and mushrooms perched on rings and encased in acrylic

Market Week is never something I really look forward to, since it usually means long work hours, and very little sleep. Still, for the past three seasons I've worked the Designers & Agents tradeshow with one of my favorite jewelry lines, E.M., which is always a pleasure, simply because I get an up-close look at the ingenious pieces they come up with. While the company has seven different lines, each one combines technical mastery with their signature sense of quirky (and totally Japanese) humor. Here's a sampling of the new pieces from each of the collections--once again, I'm sorry that the pictures are somewhat out of focus, my camera lens isn't meant for super-close up shots. Anyway, my personal favorites were the tiny enameled rabbits, mushrooms, and mice, perched precariously on rings and hidden on necklaces.

A necklace of 18k gold and black diamonds from E.M. noir, the men's jewelry line

18k gold and diamond rings and a black diamond bracelet from E.M. noir

A tiny mushroom perched on a giant pearl, from the Tiptoe line

Sterling silver rings and necklaces with tiny mice and mushrooms from E.M. eternal

Sterling silver and Cubic Zirconia rings from the E.M. eternal collection


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InnyVinny said...

I love the quirk and luxe feeling this line gives off. Very cool.

Insomnia said...

All of it so cute!

Moca James Chbosky said...

The necklaces are SO cute! Especially in the first photograph.

Caddy said...

Cool! Thanks for sharing this.

contemporarybrunette said...

this is so adorable !!

just discovered ur blog and love it ;)