Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Triskaidekaphobia at Kabiri!

Triskaidekaphobia Buckle Ring. All pictures from Kabiri.

I can't tell you how incredibly excited Christina and I both are that Triskaidekaphobia is finally up on the Kabiri website. Kabiri is one of my favorite UK based jewelry stores, with three locations in London, including an outpost at Selfridges, and an extensive online site where you're likely to blow your entire paycheck (consider yourself warned). The most wonderful thing about browsing through the treasure trove of baubles is that you'll find plenty of newbies (like ourselves), right next to seasoned veterans like Philip Crangi. Take a peek and see what you might discover.

For those of you who have inquired, our Buckle Rings and "Drink Me" Necklaces, which are currently sold out at all of our other stores, are in stock at Kabiri right now, along with a few other pieces which are exclusive to the store. And for those of you who live in London, look for our "Drink Me" necklace in a special Alice in Wonderland inspired room that Selfridges will create to promote the upcoming Tim Burton film!

Sterling silver "Drink Me" opening perfume bottle necklace

Kabiri exclusive: antique gold-plated ribbon pinky ring with dangling spider charm

Kabiri exclusive: leather restraint cuff


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Amanda said...

YESSSS!!!! congrats ladies, this is awesome.

Daisy said...

So happy for you ! These are delightfully perfect ! The necklace and ring I really adore !

london_girl said...

so happy you are now at kabiri - love that site!


congrats! i adore the buckle ring, want it to be mine.

Sugar Rock Catwalk said...

ahh the drink me necklace is soo alice in wonderland! i <3!

lulu said...

Buckle ring looks legit. Congrats lovers!

Vern said...

awesome! i'm eying the teeth necklace and buckle ring :)

Viva said...

love the ring!