Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Them Is Us

Them Magazine

A couple of days ago, I received the first issue of Them magazine in the mail, from the same people behind the clothing line Them Atelier. Based in Los Angeles, the writers and editors cover fashion, music, art, photography, and culture from a distinctly left coast perspective, focusing on local talent, and shooting their editorials in the extreme and beautiful landscapes that surround them. The contents are filled with bite-sized tidbits of information paired with rich photographs, and highlights include features on one of my favorite new bands, Warpaint, and the work of immensely talented jewelry designer Annie Costello Brown. The best part? The issue came with a perfectly broken-in swamp-green tee from Them Atelier, which you will be sure to see me wearing all the time. Which brings me to wonder, why can't more fashion magazines include lovely articles of clothing in them? Anyway, here are some of my favorite spreads.

A necklace by Annie Costello Brown

A spread from the Angeles National Forest Fire editorial

The work of photographer Cory Marrero

The work of photographer Todd Weaver

L.A. based clothing line Cerre


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InnyVinny said...

Forest fire editorial?


I really want to see that.

bravegrrl said...

amazing magazine! love every page you showed :)


noura. said...

this is really beautiful

Mattamorphis said...

Fantastic editorial.

I want to go and hang with them in the woods.

wreckedstellar said...

I love the forest shot. It's eery and artsy. I thought the ACB necklace was actually laying on top of the magazine- looks like it's real even though it's a photo. I have ACB earrings that I love!

Kim said...

Love that neck piece, and that shirt dress. Amazing photos, too!