Monday, January 25, 2010

Quiksilver Spring

Quiksilver sweater, knit tank, and skirt worn as dress worn, and Roxy jersey necklace. Worn with my own Chanel boots and Triskaidekaphobia friendship necklace, and a pair of gloves we found lying around.

Last Thursday morning, I had the pleasure of taking a peek at Quiksilver's new spring collection, which is trickling into stores now, and styling a look on a mannequin using my favorite items. I naturally gravitated to the gray and neutral toned pieces, and fell in love with a number of their loose knit and jersey numbers, which are perfect for layering, and also make great transitional pieces from winter to spring. I picked out an outfit that I wouldn't think twice about wearing: a diaphanous oversized gray cardigan made out of a ribbony yarn and a knit vest with a lovely pleated detail on the back, layered over a simple black jersey skirt which I hiked up into a dress.

After some prodding by Simone, who is absolutely impossible to say no to, I changed into my outfit of choice, and took a few pictures wandering around the sun-drenched and stunning model apartments in the newly built Jackson Square building where the event took place. Alas, the dress-up had to end sometime, and at the end of the mini-shoot, it was hard for me to leave the fairy-tale homes and change back into my own clothes. Even though I will never be able to afford one of the six million dollar flats, I did leave with a Quiksilver gift certificate, which I will probably put towards a few of these pieces!

I picked out this knit vest because I loved the pleating detail in the back

The finished mannequin. I wore a Coven dress, Rick Owens sweater, Chanel boots, Look from London tights, Forever 21 headband, Triskaidekaphobia friendship necklace.


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bravegrrl said...

absolutely love the layered look!


Insomnia said...

All of the outfits are great! I love layering!

Isabel said...

I love your all-plaid outfit, its wonderful :)

Charles said...

i love every piece of clothing in this post! so gorgeous :)
that sweater & the knit vest are especially calling to me


Mattamorphis said...

Wow look at all that light.

Beautiful shots