Saturday, January 23, 2010

Oh, Savannah

Spanish Bride. All photos by Emily Searle.

We have always adored former Screaming Mimi's shopgirl Savannah Wyatt for her sweet demeanor, and her willingness to drop everything and DJ for us whenever we have asked. We are also huge fans of her eponymous millinery line, which frequently sells out at Mimi's. The styles range from sweet bows and a heavily fringed headband that simulates untrimmed bangs, to a more sinister Crown of thorns made of braided leather and spiky metal cutouts. Naturally, my favorite piece is an outrageous lace hat adorned with a long fringed veil, that look like it was made for Lady Gaga. In addition to Mimi's, you can find her work online at Not Just A Label.

Lace half hat with fringed veil
Lace visor
Fringe bang

Crown of Thorns

Double Crown of Thorns
Spiked headband


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pink horrorshow said...

these photographs are beautiful. I wasn't too keen on the spiked headband trend but I do love the last one.

Aimy said...

Those last three are my favorites.

Winnie said...

Wow these images are really incredible!

Dream Sequins said...

I spotted her work on NJAL and love that she was a former shopgirl at Screaming Mimi's! Her stuff is wonderful wonderful.

Lani said...

wow, these pieces are incredible and the photography is equally amazing.

desimurdoc said...

photos by emily searle!

emily searle said...
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