Sunday, January 3, 2010

In The New Year

Jimmy and I on New Year's Eve in Maui. I wore a Chloe dress, Araks romper, and Vivienne Westwood x Melissa heels.

I just got back from my vacation, and have endured the trauma of leaving the 85 degree beaches of Maui for the 19 degree snowy streets of New York. What a pleasant welcome home (which incidentally is only a shade warmer on the inside than on the outside). I'm consoling myself with plenty of Christmas chocolates and pictures from New Year's, which we spent on the beach, and at The Garden of Eden Arboretum, a botanical garden filled with tropical flora and fauna from around the world. The only pleasant thing to await me when I got home was a Christmas card from my in-laws, featuring a picture of their Spanish Water Dogs, Triza and Zelma, frolicking in the snow. Obviously they like the cold weather a lot more than I do.

Jimmy standing on the overlook of the gorge in The Garden of Eden. The gorge provided the backdrop for the opening scene of Jurassic Park.

Shedded pink petals provided a pretty ground cover. Something Else dress, Topshop Unique cardigan, Keds sneakers, Triskaidekaphobia necklace, Topshop headband.

Jimmy against a backdrop of Dr. Seuss style trees and plants

The best looking dogs I know, Zelma and Triza, wish you a Happy New Year. Photographed by my sister-in-law, Julia. Dog lovers, make sure to take a look at the website for their kennel, Perro Rizados.


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liana said...

love the gardens surrounding you two.

Charles said...

I love the chloe dress and melissa shoes together! happy new year! =)

joy said...

you look great and happy! I am glad your vacation went well.


InnyVinny said...

Umm...I'm jealous. That is all.

Oh wait; Happy New Year!!!

Now, that is all. =D

Insomnia said...

The nature is breathtaking!
How cute are those doggies?! ^^

Jeni said...

Really love the hairstyle, it suits you! Happy new year :)

Lani said...

aww, looks like you two had a great vacay!

p.s. i totally understand your post-vacay trauma. i just got back in from vietnam where it was in the 80s and sunny!

the guilty hyena said...

Lovely hairstyle



Isabel said...

Oh man, that colourful dress you're wearing is awesome! The weather looks beautiful. Damn, its cold here in the North!

WendyB said...


Erin said...

Happy New Year! I hope that you had an amazing and relaxing vacation in Maui! looks beautiful! xx

May Kasahara said...

dude - running into you in hawai'i would've been WOW. so fun.

happy new year and much love ♥