Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Unbearable Lightness

My favorite piece, naturally, was this lacey sweater printed with the images of a snowy owl

Amongst all the Spring 2010 collections I've seen thus far, Christian Wijnants definitely wins the award for most poetic. The former Swiss Textile Award winner created a collection that's constructed from the most ethereally printed silks, and embellished with perfectly frayed patches that take on the appearance of lingering dandelion tufts. The result was so elegant and fragile looking, I was almost afraid to touch the pieces, fearing they would disintegrate beneath my clumsy fingers. An underlying avian theme ran throughout this season's inspiration, with printed owls and ostriches making appearances, as well as beautifully crafted fabric feathers. My favorite of course was the sweater with owl printed on it, which I'm hoping to add to my closet when spring time comes.

An embellished dress

A close up of the frayed patches

A ghostly floral print

Another printed sweater, this time featuring a ghostly ostrich

A perfectly frayed scarf with frayed fabric feathers

A close up of one of Wijnant's prints

The embellished neckline of a dress


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Christian Castillo said...

My heart melted a little at seeing these. If I were to be near them, just like you, I'd be so afraid to touch in fear that I'd ruin it. I don't even care what gender it's for I'd soooo get that owl one and ostrich one.

candybox said...

The texture looks amazing!


Melina said...

Stunning!! Thank you for an awesomely inspiring post!!!!