Sunday, December 6, 2009

Something Comfortable

Watercolor kaliedoscopic dress

In my undying quest for comfort, I've found myself buying more and more jersey than anything else in recent months. Partially because I'm broke, and jersey comes quite inexpensively, but also because I've come to realize that the majority of my wardrobe is devoted to party-clothes (it's my job, after all), rather than anything built for practical application. In other words, I don't actually own many clothes to "live" in. That's why I'm so taken with Australian label, Something Else by Natalie Wood. The majority of her drapey dresses and tops combine fine knit or jersey with bold designs and prints, which means that they're easy enough to throw in the wash, while graphic enough to make a statement. I just picked up the watercolor kaleidoscopic dress above because it reminded me a Wassily Kandinsky painting, and can't wait to wear it with a million other colors. Jimmy complained that it looked too summery and seasonally inappropriate, but that's never stopped me before (plus I'm heading to Hawaii in a couple of weeks). Until summer comes for real though, I plan on wearing it like a jumper, and throwing it over a tee--pictures to come!

Printed tee

Cross back tee dress

Vortex tank dress

Ruched dress
Peach knit dress


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Amanda said...

ooooh i could go for the vortex dress! kandinsky was one of my biggest inspirations in art school btw..


ahhhh I wan't 'em all !

joy said...

the pink knit dress looks so fluid.
ps. Happy Holidays.

Grace said...

The peach knit dress needs to be in my closet.

Love Grace.

rebecca said...

dying! love the colors!

6p00e554e5232c8834 said...

Really really really into this. JERSEY FOREVERRR

Mattamorphis said...

I would love a kaleidascope tattoo. Wouldnt that be groovy