Monday, December 28, 2009

Pineapple Express

Ideeen dress, VPL sandals, Charles Anastase sunglasses, Triskaidekaphobia necklace, Iosselliani ring

I've finally arrived in Hawaii, where the weather is a perfect 80F, and the internet is a whopping $16 a day--don't expect to see me around these parts much, I'd rather be sitting on the beach spending that money on sickly sweet daiquiris and overpriced ice cream. Although there are plenty of shops, I have yet to find anything worth buying, which is okay, since everything seems to be a bit more expensive than on the mainland. I do however plan on stopping by Aloha Rag, and if you have any other suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated. I'm also happy to whip out my long-mouldering summer wardrobe that hasn't seen the light of day since New York entered its arctic freeze. Today I got a chance to wear my new Ideeen dress, which I picked up at their sample sale a few weeks ago for $40.


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Dannie said...

i looove white dresses, i loove white pieces period ;)
niicie sunnies

Insomnia said...

Yep, the dress is great! I'm so jeaulous of the great weather, I want summer too! Have a good time there.

Pammy said...

<3<3<3 Love this post. Makes me really want to skip town.

carlyjcais said...

Hahaha you must be staying at the Hilton for it to be $16 a day! (I used to work there - I got the most incredulous replies when I told guests what the internet cost.)

Looking for yummy, affordable shopping?

Stop in at Spiral Girl at the Ala Moana Center (next to F21) and try Valeire Joseph on ground flr near Barnes & Noble; and Aldo Accessories; then in Waikiki there's Island Sweetie in the shopping center on the corner of Kalakaua and Beachwalk - cute but small - Planet U2 on the 2nd flr of Waikiki Beach Walk; Pineapple County (FABULOUS!) along Lewers St, 88Tees along Kalakaua, MixMix (Ann Demuelemeester & Rick Owens) on the 3rd flr of the bldng behind Louis Vuitton on Lewers...of course you have to check out Aloha Rag since they have a house line now - I'm DYING to see..go along Royal Hawaiian heading towards the beach from Kuhio and there's a couple cute urban streetwear stores on the left...and So Good Jewelry and Mocchin on the 1st flr Waikiki Trade Center. And if you want brand names marked down go to the Waikele outlets (a bit of a drive). Where to eat? Mariposa for lunch!! (3rd flr Neiman Marcus, Ala Moana Ctr) And a Vietnamese hoagie at one of those sandwich shops...Ward Center I find kind of lacking in the cool, affordable clothes sector - but they have great gifts.

Can you tell I frequent these places often?
Have fun! I'm going to Oahu in Feb. and again in March, so I'll have to pace myself.:-)

Enjoy your time there - and if you can, snag cheap internet at a coffee shop/internet cafe rather than paying $16/day. Ludicrous!

pink horrorshow said...

I'm in love with those sandals!!

and extremely jealous you are in a warm climate.

The Six Six Sick Girls said...


Thanks so much, you're a lifesaver! Yes, I am staying at the Hilton, but currently using the computer at the Apple store. You're so lucky you get to come here so often! Not a bad place to work...

Amanda said...

omg so jealous!!! i've never been to hawaii but would LOVE to go one day. i intentionally skipped the last ideeen sale knowing i'd be picking up everything like i did at the summer one... the dress i got then has the same type of back design as yours though

Winnie said...

Oh the weather looks so gorgeous and you look so pretty in that dress too!

carlyjcais said...

Oh yes - I also posted a chic & cheap shopping map of waikiki/honolulu to my wesbite-

Check it out here:

This may be too late for you to use, but oh well! Hope there's a next time...:-)

(I actually lived there 4 years - and Hub misses it so much now that we've moved to the mainland that we've been back a couple times with friends'/inlaws' weddings we get to go about once or twice a year! But definitely NOT a good place to work unless one is rich or self-employed and does internet stuff. The only work there is tourist industry - and it doesn't pay enough to afford the rent/food!!)

Enjoy your trip & Happy New Year!

thefashionbacteria said...

The dress reminds me of a piece from the Gucci s/s 2010 show.

Your blog is amazing!

Greetings from the Philippines.