Thursday, December 10, 2009

Partytime, Excellent

Me and Christina with the nightlife award. We wore dresses that we made out of Vivienne Westwood fabric we found at Mood, and Vivienne Westwood x Melissa shoes (sorry no full length pictures, we were drunk). The dresses say "Don't you ever kiss me once, kiss me twice!"

As far as days go, yesterday was pretty excellent. In the afternoon, we received a lovely write up from Refinery29 for Triskaidekaphobia, and last night, much to our surprise, we won the award for Best New Party for Butter at The Paper Magazine Nightlife Awards. We won the same prize in 2007 for Six Six Sick, but this time around, we didn't think we had a chance against Lady Gaga fave, Main Man (which ended up picking up the prize for Best Gay Party anyway). When our name was called (they accidentally called the party 66Sick, when it's really called Whipped), I think we were so stunned, that people had to drag/shove us up on to the stage, where mmmbopper Taylor Hanson handed over the little disco-ball wielding Munny.

One of the best parts of the evening was having our friends The Drums perform, stepping up in place of the Ting Tings, who were sick and had to cancel at the last moment. Jon, the lead singer, not only is one of our closest friends, but actually used to be part of Six Six Sick, and took the stage with us when we won in 2007. It made the night that much more perfect, even if they couldn't hang out cause they were locked up in their dressing room for the better part of the night for their standing record of bad behavior (naughty boys!).

We had a button made with all the people involved in making Whipped at Butter happen. L-R: Brik, Christina, Aaron, me, Maia, and Matt. Cameron and Alejandro were missing, unfortunately.

Jacob and Jon of The Drums performing

Another picture of Jon. Of course I was front and center and snapping photos like a stage mom.

Two of our all-time favorite nightlifers ever, Sophia Lamar and Bunny Kinney

The nightlife award, a glow-in-the-dark Munny from Toy Robot


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InnyVinny said...


Christian Castillo said...

That's the coolest award. I live my life to someday have one now. I love the quote on the dresses, perf perf perf. Looks like one heck of a night. You girls are coolness.

burnthesebones said...

amazing, congratulations to the hardest working women in nightlife!

this girl from one of my classes named cassie won an award too, what a laugh riot.

you guys look so glowy and all kinds of wonderful!

bleeding hearts said...

Congratulations!! I hope I get to come to one of your parties when I'm in NYC...hopefully next year!

I want to see a full-length photo of you and Christina's outfit! Hopefully Paper Mag took some photos.

pink horrorshow said...

Congratulations, ladies! Your dresses were probably amazing as usual :)

Steph said...

I LOVE the Drums. It's a bit strange that I saw them in London before seeing them in NY though.

clarewbrown said...

AMAZING!! Congrats!! You girls are awesome... i love the dresses quote

harbourmaster said...

Swwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeet congratulations! If I ever make it to NYC I'm dropping by to meet you guys FIRST THING!

little mermaid said...

I just saw your collection for 13 triskaidekaphobia (did I spell it right?!)... it's amazing!

WendyB said...

Is that an actual...DISCO STICK? A la Gaga?

rebecca said...

wow, so cool! congrats! im reading this with my mom and she loves your necklace :)