Friday, December 4, 2009

One Track Mind

My favorite piece, an intarsia knit color block dress

About once a year, right when it starts getting a little cold out, I get into a month-long knitting frenzy. My high school Art History teacher once told me that in the "olden days" knitting was considered a repressed form of masturbation. Thankfully this isn't the case anymore, cause I would probably be considered a world class pervert by now. For the past week I've been working on my Rodarte inspired sweater (which is 75% finished), thinking that once I was done, I would take another year-long break. Then yesterday, I happened to come across these gorgeous intarsia knit color-block sweaters from Moon Spoon Saloon. While they also make plenty of incredible woven pieces, Moon Spoon, like their Danish comrade, Henrik Vibskov, have an extraordinary sense of knits, and create plenty of mind-bending patterns in eye-popping color combinations. I love they way they take advantage of the different types of yarn available to create their complex textures, and to fully explore the potential of knit as a textile. Unfortunately, the fuzzy yarn that they use to create the explosively furry texture is quite pricey, and the sweaters themselves are a small fortune. I'm definitely going to save up for a few new balls of yarn, and try this one at home sometime.

A Moon Spoon sweater available at Seven New York

And of course, one of their stunning woven pieces


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Connie said...

I'm so looking forward to seeing the DIY Rodarte finished product and I have to admit that I am incredibly jealous of your DIY skills! Good luck honey!

The Heartbreak

Shay said...

the first one is cool. It's all crochet, I think.

Kb said...

FML, these are amazing, thanks for sharing them with me!

Idee Fixe ( said...

Love the knitted inspiration! You've piqued my curiosity -- what type of yarn is the fuzzy type that you said is quite dear? I'm a total texture fanatic and it looks so yummy! So funny you're back to working on a Rodarte inspired sweater as I picked up the one I started last year a few weeks ago as well! I'm making myself crazy with it so had only finished a small piece and hated it so I'm starting over. Also started playing & designing a new hat as I lost my fav one last year and hate having cold ears! The weather definitely plays a part as to timing for me as well. I hope you'll share pictures of your piece when you're finished!

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Idee Fixe-

The fuzzy yarn is sometimes referred to as "Eyelash yarn." I've seen it sold for anywhere between $5 for 2 oz to $20 for 4 oz, but I'm sure you can find some decent deals online if you hunt!


pink horrorshow said...

oh my goodness, those BOOTS!!!!!

shannon said...

I hate to be nitpicky, but these aren't intarsia. The items and Rodarte are constructed very similarly. Both feature individual knit pieces that are combined in the same way you'd work with piecing wovens. Based on this photo, I can't see that anything is picked up anywhere and the yarn isn't handled as colorwork. These all seem to be reasonably well-executed seams.

"Eyelash yarn," which is almost universally horrible to work with is actually pretty affordable. It's usually available as craft yarn, rather than garment industry yarn. Lion Brand's Fun Fur (gag) and Bernat's Eyelash are usually $5 for 50 grams and are both widely available at craft stores. You'd probably need at least 10 skeins to complete a small garment; probably 20 for a dress. Colinette's Firecracker is one of the most widely available luxury eyelash yarns and is usually around $20 per skein for 100 grams. It's a poly satin ribbon with frayed edges that knits up quickly at a reasonable density. The only catch is that all the colorways are hand-dyed, so there is some variation.

Idee Fixe ( said...

Thanks for the info Tiffany -- from the pics I didn't think it was eyelash yarn, it looks more... squiggly? As Shannon mentioned eyelash yarn is quite affordable but a horror to work with. I wound up making a faux coat for my daughter's Barbie dolls because I just wanted to get rid of it. And I still have some languishing in my stash (if you want it, email, its yours.) I've yet to use the Colinette but I adore the other hand dyed Colinette yearns and that's indeed what I'm making my hat out of!