Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Shopping

Burfitt jumper, Acne blouse, Tsumori Chisato dip-dye tights, Topshop Unique heels, headband from the district, Triskaidekaphobia cuff, necklace, and ring

I'm proud to announce that I've completed 95% of my holiday shopping, including all those pesky White Elephant gifts (which I really wish we would stop doing, since half the people participating always end up pissed off and/or disappointed anyway). I've been trying my hardest not to shop for myself, but had to make an exception this weekend at the annual Opening Ceremony sample sale. I've been eying this Burfitt jumper since it arrived in the store last winter, and when it was reduced from over $650 to $75, I couldn't resist. Here are a few other items on my Christmas wish list.

Stephen Johnson for Artecnica Wonderland candle holder
I desperately want a pair of these whimsical candle holders for my dinner table. They come in three different styles, including a bunny (above), a bird, and a Cinderella-esque lady (my second favorite).

Rodarte x Target leopard print dress
For some reason, out of all the pieces from the Rodarte x Target collection, this is the only one I really want. I took a peek at a few of the other pieces at the Target pop-up shop this weekend, and must admit I was slightly disappointed (it hurts me to say it, but it's true!). The sequined x-ray dress only had sequins on the front--a cost-saving measure that's just a little too visible for my taste. I usually hate leopard print, and but for some reason I love that it's leopard print on lace, and that it doesn't look like anything else that I already have in my wardrobe.

Divine Light print by Erika Somogyi
I love the explosion of color in this sweet picture of a kissing couple in the woods.
Yoshitomo Nara Towel from Works on Whatever
This beach towel would be perfect for my upcoming trip to Hawaii!

Tickets to see Cate Blanchett in A Streetcar Named Desire at BAM
Alas, tickets have long sold out, so the chances of getting to see Cate the great are very slim.

Lingerie from The Lake & Stars
What girl wouldn't want a silk romper or some nice new underwear from my favorite lingerie company?

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Isabel said...

Your tights are magnificent! And I would be willing to pay a serious buck for that leopard dress. Which I will probably have to since I live in Canada and the only access I have to that collection is through eBay pirates...

Lucinda said...

I saw that production of A Streetcar Named Desire in Sydney and I'd definitely recommend robbing some poor soul of their tickets to see it - but that's not exactly in the spirit of the season!

noura. said...

absolutely amazing

Denise said...

I love the tights.... such a great outfit. The candlestick holder is a masterpiece!