Thursday, December 17, 2009

Champagne Supernova

We went with an all-gold theme for the night, wearing dresses we found on the special New Year's rack at the store. I wore a gold floor length Victor Costa dress with a Triskaidekaphobia necklace and Christina wore a vintage Oscar de la Renta gold lace dress.

I'm still full from eating over a dozen mini-cupcakes at our Holiday Party at The Sweet Ones yesterday night. I had to try every single color/flavor available (bacon with maple syrup frosting is still my favorite, try before you judge!). Here are some of my favorite moments from the evening, which included the shoddy construction of a mini-champagne fountain, a tussle over red velvet cupcakes, and many many men in women's clothing.

Cupcakes + Chanel

Christina, Lauren and Waseem made a mini-Champagne fountain

Those assholes, The Drums. Jon broke his rib at dinner at our place the night before. Just kidding, we don't know how Jon broke his rib.

Tranny hot mess! L-R: Hiraku wears a vintage silk Chloe cape, Adam wears a Claude Montana neon green suit, and Jason wears his favorite church lady outfit, all from the store.

Jonathan, Kenzo and Illi

Josh and Waseem having an all-black moment

My favorite teddy bear, Jermaine, wearing an Emma Cook for Topshop sweater.

Justin wearing a Tim Hamilton sweater, H&M blazer, Miu Miu goat fur collar, and Y-3 pants

Christina, Lauren and Justin

Anton and Maddy wearing his and hers North Face

Hiraku shows off his latest ring finds


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shannon said...

I just realized that I know your friend Waseem. I partied with him in Texas, but haven't seen him in Years.

Isabel said...

You ladies look absolutely wonderful in gold!

InnyVinny said...

This looks like a Stylelikeu closet convention. I love it. =D

Connie said...

You both look so fantastic!

The Heartbreak

Connie said...

You both look so fantastic!

The Heartbreak

joy said...

haha good point of note InnyVinny. I love holiday parties, they are always so cheery.

Mae said...

that guy's fur collar is the shit

Shay said...

the gold dresses are fabulous on you both!

pink horrorshow said...

You ladies looked beautiful!! The gold looks so pretty on both of you :) Hiraku always has the greatest accessories. I love love love that beetle ring he always wears!

jointjumble said...

you two look beautiful in those dresses!xx

Kate the Date said...

oh i love that beetle rings. its from Old Hollywood's line fyi!