Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ces Soirées-là

The Heloise corset with two-inch spikes jutting from the hips

Since holiday season has started, my inbox has been filled with invitations to store parties and shopping specials. Last night, I stopped by Rogan's Ladies Night to say hi to Elizabeth, before heading over to Agent Provocateur to celebrate the launch of their new demi-couture line, Soirée, and view the collection presentation. What I expected to be a crowded party turned out to be a very intimate gathering, with about thirty of A.P.'s best customers (aside from myself, ha) sitting in a salon style setting. Each of the elegant pieces were paraded past the audience on models built to bring out every lingering body-insecurity you might have buried away, while the well-versed P.R. team described the rigorous handiwork that went into the creation. Highlights included the Heloise corset, studded with a plethora of two-inch metal spikes shooting out from the hips, the Fabiana sheer jumpsuit with detachable pants, and a completely open "playsuit" made out of Swarovski crystal chain. While those surrounding me debated on which piece to have custom-fit to their measurements, I watched as covetous audience member. Although I wasn't one of the lucky ladies having my measurements taken after the show, A.P. did include a nice pair of side-tie panties in the goody-bag, so I didn't feel quite as dejected about the lack of cash/20-inch waist.

The Garinia lace underwear set, crop optional, but suggested

The Elysia evening gown with plenty of cutouts is meant to be worn both inside and out

The perfectly tailored Billy jacket

The Fonda playsuit, which comes with a set of pasties


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kendal croix said...

absolutely wonderful. i especially love the spikes on that first piece.

Mouthwash said...

that first corset is AMAZING


I'm hosting a $150 giveaway!


Siouxsie said...

wow. that jacket and dress. so good.

Grace said...

What'd I give for the guts to wear that corset to Trader Joes.

Love Grace.

Denise said...

O_O If I ever had spare change to buy something from AP, I would find every excuse to show off my bra, panty or... pasties.

fashiiondiaries said...

this is amazing, really! had to watch the pictures for several minuttes :P

the guilty hyena said...

Stunning corset and dress!

@ The Guilty Hyena †
@ The Guilty Hyena †


SummerTeeth said...

blogging the jewelry line - incredible. amazing. want to shroud myself in every piece!

WildFlower said...

Pretty incredible! I'd love to try on some of this stuff coz I bet it makes you feel invincible!

A La Mode said...

Woah that corset is INSANE!