Monday, November 9, 2009

Your Monthly Statement

"The Dentist" designed by Johan Toorell

Throughout my high school years, I essentially lived in graphic tees and corduroy pants. As I grew older, I felt that I had matured beyond my shapeless tom-boy style, and by my twenties, I had shoved my massive collection of tees to the farthest recesses of my closet, swearing that I would only wear more age-appropriate attire. Jersey shirts would be relegated to sleepwear, and I would only wear "real" shirts (you know, of the silk and/or button-down variety, like all the other grown-up/elderly ladies I know). Still, I could never bear to throw my tees away, and over the past year, have been pulling them out of oblivion, one by one. After all, there isn't anything more comfortable to wear, and easier to throw on. In fact, for the first time in years, I've found myself actively looking for new tees to buy, realizing just how versatile they can be.

Enter T-Post. This Swedish company puts a spin on the standard t-shirt subscriptions by selecting lauded designers from around the world to create graphic tees to accompany eccentric news articles. While there are a wide variety of design styles and stories from issue to issue, they share the common thread of being wearable conversation pieces. One of the main goals of the creators is to use design "as a subversive tool to instigate meaningful thought, conversation, and action." Costing around $30 a month, it's a relatively inexpensive way to make a statement. Here are a few of my favorite designs, including a t-shirt by Lovisa Burfitt, which I was lucky enough to receive in the mail, and is already well-loved and in the wash.

"Aggression Is Its Own Award" designed by Von

"Casette Cure" designed by Lovisa Burfitt

"The New Explorer" by DanHasPotential

"Super Drugs" by Ragnar Persson


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kendal croix said...

loving the tee shirts.

illwearanycoloraslongasitsblack said...

This is awesome, I just wrote a post about a new t-shirt I got (Swans) which has a similar graphic and I was talking about how I've been getting back into t-shirts. Everything you said is true, as long as it's an interesting shirt, it can be versatile as hell!


Hearts make me queasy! Hahaha ohhhh my god, if I saw someone wearing this...

rebecca said...

i know how you feel! i have a whole box of my mom's old t's that i wore to death in high school that i can't bear to get rid of...oh well, i guess they'll be passed on to the next in line!

Queen Michelle said...

That last t-shirt is amazing.