Sunday, November 1, 2009

Technicolor Chic

One of my favorites, a sequined dripping ice cream cone

"More is more" is always the philosophy at Ashish, and for Spring 2010, it looks as if a Miami Club Kid has raided the closet of a Boca Raton Grandma. The collection, which is shamelessly sweet-toothed and kitchy, somehow incorporates ice cream cones, tie-dye sequined pants, pink flamingos and palm trees all at once. Even though Ashish Gupta is based in London, he often freely adopts international (and many American) icons into his semiotic vernacular, translating them into something that looks familiar, but feels entirely different from how you remembered it to be. Classic images of the Statue of Liberty or the Mona Lisa are filtered through a kaleidoscopic lens, and covered in sequins. In fact, I haven't seen so many bright colors in one place since I stopped collecting Lisa Frank stickers as a child. Maybe that's why there's something oddly comforting about it all, like the thrill of sugar rush after eating too many pixie-sticks. Some things are best when they lack moderation.

A Pop Art rendition of the Mona Lisa

The new Ashish x Topshop gold platform wedges. I wonder if they're going to create as much of a frenzy as last season's collaboration.

Two trends for the price of one: spikes + shoulderpads

A closeup
This Miami sunset seriously hearkens back to my days of collecting Lisa Frank stickers


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Ivania said...

such amazing pieces! I need that monalisa in sequin!!


I love all those sequin tops, especially the mona lisa 1. so effing dope! and those shoes...insane! love em..

CalamityJem said...

These are as madcap as they come but I'd love 'em all in my wardrobe for sure :)...x

Amanda said...

huge fan of his work- his pieces are those kind you'd want to keep forever because they are so unique and iconic

Isabel said...

This collection is ridiculous: I adore everything about Ashish's aesthetic. Funnily enough, I used to have a Lisa Frank backpack in Grade 1.

Idee Fixe ( said...

Whoa those shoes are pretty hot! Would love them in silver!

Insomnia said...

The ice cream is also my favorite, I want to have it so badly!

Elisabeth Lacunza said...

ooooh the first shirt is love!

Liz said...

Ice Cream and Sunset! So gaudy and completely amazing. I really truly love these.

Mouthwash said...

Um... i NEED these!! ALL OF THEM! Esp. the Bon Jour one. haha. Aaah!!



Jillian said...

i think i need that palm tree top NOW!!!!