Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nothing You Can Say Can Tear Me Away From Koutny

When we last visited W29 Showroom together, Christina and I both agreed that Alexander Koutny presented one of our favorite recent additions to the showroom. Johannesburg-born and New York-based Koutny's Spring 2010 collection is only his third, yet he's already established a strong aesthetic of structural silhouettes constructed in light-as-air silks. For this season, Koutny introduces his penchant for prints, but his bold and graphic patterns are rendered in softer hues. The resulting garments strike the balance between being voluminous and eye catching, and ethereally diaphanous and otherworldly: pieces that you would definitely want to add to your wardrobe. Before I do something ridiculous, like blow my savings on one of these dresses, I will content myself by sitting here and staring at the lookbook images while listening to Warpaint- Billie Holiday (MP3), which I think is the perfect soundtrack for daydreaming about these clothes.


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Grace said...

Great pieces.

Love Grace.

Slappin Japin said...

wow johannesburg is producing some crazy good designers now! I would wear any one of these looks.

WendyB said...

The prints are nice. Personally, I like the blue one that's more fitted ...if I were going to wear one.