Sunday, November 22, 2009

Heart of Darkness

Last week, I stopped by Agentur V to take a peek at the Spring 2010 collections. One of the most immediately captivating lines was Misomber Nuan, based out of Berlin. Although the drapey clothing looked deceptively like women's wear on the hangers, a quick flip through the lookbook made it clear that the collection was meant for men. Not the waifish androgynous types, but strong, brooding men, of the Ernest Hemingway variety. Amongst the abstract sources of inspiration, the image of a shipbuilder hauling loads of twisted steel is referenced, and one imagines this hulking man shrouded in various layers of Misomber Nuan. Although I don't know many muscle men myself, I do know plenty of svelte lads who would still love to swath themselves in these precisely crafted and constructed clothes. In fact, the dim photographs of the lookbook model almost appears to be my friend Chris, of Violet Hour. Listen up boys (you know who you are!), I think I just found your new favorite designer.


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Dannie said...

i looove this grungy gorgeous look
this guy is hot beyond wordage
im just looving the entire mood here :)

Mcmaris said...

I love the look in the very first pic...

Jillian said...

quite fantastic would love to see my bf in one of those vests!

A La Mode said...

Wow this is amazing! Love the photography, and that bag!