Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Feet First

I've never understood all the people who walk around the filthy streets of New York City all summer long wearing only the flimsiest pair of communal-shower-grade flip-flops. Beyond the fact that they barely provide a barrier between your bare feet and the squalid cement, they're often pretty unattractive. Don't even get me started on the Fit Flop (although I'm intrigued by the mechanics). One look at Berlin based designer Kostas Murkudis's recent collaboration with flip*flop has given me reason to reconsider my stance. The seventies style platform heels are made out of the same material as a classic flip-flop, but design wise are inspired by the famous Salvatore Ferragamo rainbow platforms in the Costume Institute collection. Although they're not quite as flashy as the original, I love the contrast of the neutral colored leather straps with the pop of bold color below. My favorite pair have a gold and cream leather-covered sole, which look like they're meant for a night out rather than a day at the beach. The best part? They also appear to be quite comfortable, like your average flip-flop, minus any sacrifice of style.


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Isabel said...

Gahh, I hate flip flops so I feel a bit dirty admitting that I actually like these but... hey, if its Ferragamo-inspired then you can't go wrong!

Dannie said...

im not a flip flopper but i do appreciate those rainbow and gold ones, sooo beachy cute

A La Mode said...

Wow, beautiful!

Lotte said...

Whoa, flip-flops gone flashy fashion!


Sarah A. said...

but where can these be purchased?!

somewherebetweenwakingandsleeping said...

anyone know if these are available to purchase yet?

The Six Six Sick Girls said...


They're currently not available in any US stores (and they're Spring 2010), but the ladies at Agentur V showroom told me that if I was really interested in buying them, I could possibly order them from the showroom. If you are interested, email pauline@agenturv.de.


Mouthwash said...

hHMMM....these could work! As long as they're not that horrid foam material. I love the photos though!



Grace said...

I have a problem with flip flops and some of these ring a little too close. But the higher ones, especially the cream ones with wooden bottoms are beautiful.

Love Grace.

Sarah A. said...

do you know how much they are? id order them if theyre reasonable! that cream pair would be amazing for next summer!

The Six Six Sick Girls said...


Unfortunately, I don't think they're cheap. I think the taller ones are around 200 euros thereabout. But check with Pauline. I really love the gold and cream ones too!!!