Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dreaming of Dagmar

Dagmar shopper, vintage Chanel Jacket, Missoni skirt, Rodebjer tee, Marc x Marc Jacobs flats, Margarita Saplala scarf, American Apparel tights, DIY necklace, Forever 21 headband

The House of Dagmar is starting to hit it's stride. Founded by three sisters, the Stockholm based brand has been pushing it's unique "arty chic" style since 2005, and this season introduced some amazing prints to complement their usual roundup of impeccable knits. Named after the sister's late grandmother Dagmar, the brand somehow manages to create on-trend bodies that still maintain a touch of old world quality. The line is decidedly sultry without being overtly sexy, perfectly feminine without being frivolously girly. In fact, the collection looks like a constant working of checks and balances. While I'm not the best at exercising refinement (or any trait that requires a sense of moderation), I do appreciate the work that goes into it, and I found more than couple personal favorites in the Spring 2010 collection, which I took pictures of when I was at the W29 Showroom press day. Best of all, I walked away with a Dagmar shopper as part of the goodybag, covered in one of their new electric blue prints. Since I have yet to master the perfectly put together look, I wore it my way, mismatched and clashing with plenty of other prints from my closet.

My favorite piece in the collection, a slinky knit dress with a corseting detail around the bust

For spring they introduced this kaleidoscopic floral print

A sweet denim motorcycle jacket

A bustier print tee

The same print translated onto a cardigan


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Rowena said...

I love that floral print - gorgeous colours too. Peach/purple/teal is good.

pink horrorshow said...

Ooh, the top with the printed bustier is too cute.

I've been meanings to get some opaque pink tights but I kind the subtle shimmer that the AA ones have..I should check them out.

Jess said...

Loving all the colors of your outfit and that denim moto jacket is to die for