Friday, November 6, 2009


Ribbon Woodpecker clog

I know how most of you feel about clogs. Most approach them with acute disdain, while a few raging fanatics (Christina included) are dying to bring them back. I myself am on the fence: I don't usually mind them on other people, but don't foresee myself adding them to my closet anytime soon. When Aapo sent me pictures of these Finnish "Woodpecker Clogs" from a store in Helsinki called Onni, I began to think about changing my stance. Made out of a wedge of wood riddled with Woodpecker style holes, and several strands of cord or ribbon, they have the traditional heft and clunk of a clog, but wrap around your foot with the grace of a ballerina slipper. The most enticing part of the brand however seems to be the shop itself, which is located in one of the designer's homes, and where they make their goods on the premise and take orders directly from the customers. It's supposed to be reminiscent of the way that traditional cobblers worked in the "olden times," and I love the way that many of their handmade designs are infused with a sense of craft, without looking out of date.

Cord Woodpecker Clog

Woodpecker Clog made with multicolor rags

I also fell for this ridiculous looking children's bag made out of rags and woven with stuffed animals

The interior of the Helsinki store


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somedaynewyorker said...

That little backpack is sick. I love it.

Isabel said...

I wouldn't say that I'm "anti-clog", but I'm not a huge fan either. Those first pair of clogs with the black ribbons are beautiful, but sadly, not for me.

Amanda said...

amazing beautiful. i would hope they are comfortable! that bag is sick too- between that and peggy noland, i really want to make something w/ stuffed animals too.

duckalicious said...

these are not my thing, the first pair is kinda interesting though

R.H. said...

maybe you should look on
they have fabulous wooden shoes!!!

Daisy said...

I really like the ones you have posted here !

Mouthwash said...

hahaha that bag makes me smile. I like this! Fashion should be fun!



Shay said...

these are great! I have a pair of Mohops. Love them.

Rowena said...

Oh! I LIKE them. The black ribbon ones are the best by far.