Thursday, November 19, 2009

Classic Kicks

Scuffed up white Keds, Elizabeth & James tee, Future Classics gray top, Byblos skirt, H&M tights, Antti Asplund necklaces, Iosselliani ring, Topshop headband

Dante from Keds was kind enough to send Christina and I a couple of pairs of their classic canvas sneakers. While most of my fashion industry friends will never leave the house without heels, I will always be a flats girl. On the list of seven deadly sins, I'm most guilty of Sloth and Gluttony (tied for first place), with Vanity coming in third. This means that instead of waking up an hour early to do my makeup, I'd rather have the extra sleep and look like a fug, and if I'm given the opportunity for seconds on dessert, I will take it even if I won't be able to fit into my pants the next day. Kate Moss had it all wrong when she said "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels," cause skinny doesn't feel nearly as good as chomping your way through an all you can eat chocolate buffet (try it sometime).

Anyway, in the same vein of thought, my YSL Tribute boots look amazing on, but feel good for a total of ten minutes of standing before I have to sit down. And at the end of the day, the lazy girl in me believes that looking good doesn't really feel quite as nice as sliding your tired stiletto-battered feet into a pair of slipper-soft shoes, like a pair of Keds. Here's the pair I got in white, which we'll probably DIY eventually (that is, if sloth doesn't get the better of me).

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Isabel said...

Hear, hear! I am definitely a flats girl too. Self torture just ain't my thing.

scrapbook said...

love love the spattered tights!!! and i am sooooo with you on the flats .... i need to check out one of your party soon :D ( was going to come on tribeca grand 4 Halloween but got distracted last minute!!) .... xx

Connie said...

Love the tights, not to mention the flats. Gotta love flats after a few days in killer heels.

The Heartbreak

pink horrorshow said...

I think back to high school when I wore heels ALL the time. Cute stiletto pumps and such and into my early years of college. Sometimes I can't believe how often I wore heels and took the subway because now I that's a rarity! There's one girl in my class who without fail wears 4"+ platform stilettos every week and I know they're not THAT's still impressive though.

bonjouritsjinah said...

Finally, a fashion voice of reason. I agree, but I'm not going to lie, I waver between the two.

WildFlower said...

digging these tights! Flat shoes are a must.

Allegra LaViola said...

clearly kate has never tried jimmy's chicken and potatoes.