Monday, October 12, 2009

Topshop Student Shop Comes to NYC, and We're DJing!

To all our student readers out there, tomorrow and Wednesday night, Topshop's New York location will be hosting a student shopping night from 7-10pm, providing a 20% discount to anyone with a valid Student ID. We will be DJing tomorrow night only, and if you're in the area, and can get your hands on a Student ID, we hope you will stop by. Even though both of us are long past our college days, we spent enough time staring at the goods from the DJ booth last week to have a pretty good idea of what we would buy with the help of a 20% discount, and just might get it anyway. Here's my wishlist.

Studded leather jacket

Dip-dyed Mongolian Lambswool Vest

The Topshop take on the Acne cage skirt that Susie Bubble made famous

Eek Shoulder Pad Tee

Peter Jensen Boots


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Sugar Rock Catwalk said...

just read in a press release that you're going to be djing! so exciting!

and great topshop picks. :)

WendyB said...

That lambswool vest is awesome. Have a great time!