Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Park

This Henry Pollack wool bubble hat looks like a costume piece straight of Holy Mountain (which is an excellent source of Halloween costume inspiration, by the way)

Curse me for being so damn lazy, cause I still haven't managed to get myself out to Brooklyn to check out Lacasa Park, a vintage boutique and hair salon in Clinton Hill. The store specializes in rare designer vintage clothes, and their online shop showcases plenty of Martine Sitbon, Jean Paul Gautier, and Gucci. The highlight for me, however, isn't the clothes, but the accessories. Somehow Jaehee Park, who buys for the store during her travels, has managed to unearth the craziest and most eccentric treasure trove of hats that would even delight the likes of millinery connoisseur Isabel Blow (R.I.P.). I'm always a sucker for a crazy hat, and this bunch puts my collection to shame. Maybe it's time I pay a visit to The Park.

This wool felt hat with ostrich feathers is the cutest of the bunch
I love the sculptural look of this basket-weave bonnet

Ok, so this peacock feather hat shaped like a duck butt would definitely get points and stares in the street, but that hasn't stopped me before

I kinda love how this hat is shaped like a citrus juicer


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Jyun said...

Haha, now that you mention it i do realise the last hat looks like a citrus juicer.

liana said...

haha. cute, the first one is like a hive or something?

Mouthwash said...

aaah!! Love that first hat!!



Isabel said...

Oh man, I can't even imagine how insane a Holy Mountain Halloween costume would be! I'd be one of those crazy sex obsessed people from Jupiter. Or perhaps the Christ-like figure?

jack bespoke said...

how very philip tracey of you!
love the hats

J for Joyce said...

sick hats!

WendyB said...

I'm thinking of things that could be hidden under that first hat.

J said...

Tiffany, you do need to trek out to fort greene and see La Casa Park. It's amazing. Her husband Emiliano Casaraso cuts my hair. Their house is incredible. You'll enjoy the trip.

May Kasahara said...

the woven-wave bonnet is so freaking cool.