Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lucky Little Shark: Happy DIY Halloween!

DIY felt shark, American Apparel gold swimsuit, CK tights, Forever 21 shoes

Christina and I have been planning on making these Shark Attack! costumes since last Halloween, but we ran out of time and ended up dressed as Republicans, with business suits and secretary blouses borrowed from Screaming Mimi's. This year though, we were determined to make it happen, and luckily we got it together in time to wear to our party at Butter last night. We weren't the only ones dressed as beasts: Greg K showed up wearing his Where the Wild Things Are x Opening Ceremony Max sweatshirt, and scary pigs and sexy bunnies were also present for a full on Animal Planet vibe. Although it was little hard to dance/do anything social whatsoever, it's one of my favorite Halloween costumes I've ever had, and didn't take much time to put together. There are plenty of DIY instructions online for this costumes, but here's a short summary of how we did it, using gray, red, white and black felt, and a tiny bit of copper wire.

Christina cut the bodies out of gray felt, and lined the inside of the body with red felt.

We cut a hole in the front of the costume for the mouth, and lined the edges with white felt teeth. We made a shark's fin out of the left over gray felt, and added it to the back, along with two black felt eyes.

As a finishing touch, we tacked a strip of cooper wire along the inside edge to keep the shape of the shark nose area in tact. We wore the outfits two ways: as a hood, and off to the side, for the full eaten-alive-effect.


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Friday, October 30, 2009

Endless Halloween

Since we love dressing up, we will be celebrating Halloween all weekend, starting tonight at Butter (come and see our costumes, we've been waiting to break them out all year), with our friends Greg K DJing, and Sophia Lamar as our special guest host. Tomorrow, we will continue on at our weekly TriBeCa Grand party, with Susie Bubble, Seven New York,, and Katie Gallagher, among many others. Don't forget to mention you're with Six Six Sick at the door to skip the line!

The highlight of our weekend however will be Sunday, November 1st, the day after Halloween. When Laura Wills asked us to help throw a party for Screaming Mimi's to celebrate the Day of the Dead, we couldn't say no. I mean, have you ever tried to say no to Laura Wills? We will be taking over 1OAK starting at 11, with an open Tequila Bar from 11-12, and the Mimi's Girls DJing along side resident DJs Nick Cohen and Jamie Biden (nephew of VP Joe). Costumes are mandatory, but face masks will be provided at the door just in case you forget. Remember RSVP at

Hope to see you this weekend!!!


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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Park

This Henry Pollack wool bubble hat looks like a costume piece straight of Holy Mountain (which is an excellent source of Halloween costume inspiration, by the way)

Curse me for being so damn lazy, cause I still haven't managed to get myself out to Brooklyn to check out Lacasa Park, a vintage boutique and hair salon in Clinton Hill. The store specializes in rare designer vintage clothes, and their online shop showcases plenty of Martine Sitbon, Jean Paul Gautier, and Gucci. The highlight for me, however, isn't the clothes, but the accessories. Somehow Jaehee Park, who buys for the store during her travels, has managed to unearth the craziest and most eccentric treasure trove of hats that would even delight the likes of millinery connoisseur Isabel Blow (R.I.P.). I'm always a sucker for a crazy hat, and this bunch puts my collection to shame. Maybe it's time I pay a visit to The Park.

This wool felt hat with ostrich feathers is the cutest of the bunch
I love the sculptural look of this basket-weave bonnet

Ok, so this peacock feather hat shaped like a duck butt would definitely get points and stares in the street, but that hasn't stopped me before

I kinda love how this hat is shaped like a citrus juicer


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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rodebjer Spring 2010

One of my favorite leather jackets, styled with a pair of Rodebjer's new line of sunglasses and a paisley print scarf

Today I stopped by my W29 Showroom for their press day, and finally got to snap a few pictures of the Spring 2010 collections that I got a chance to ogle a couple of months earlier. While I have plenty of pictures from all the collections to show in upcoming posts, my top priority was getting shots of one of my eternal favorites, Rodebjer. Even though Carin Rodebjer just had a baby, she still managed to produce one of her most impressive collections to date, including her new 10 x 10 line, a limited edition high-end collection, of which only 10 pieces are produced per garment.

Though Karin was unfortunately not present today to explain the collection, her inspiration board revealed pictures of a young Patti Smith on stage, as well as The Spark's album Kimono My House, and there was definitely a sense of 70's rocker channeled through Rodebjer's refined styling. Sequins, draping chain detail, and perforated leather are major staples of the collection, but never fall into any of the trite rock'n'roll cliches that abound these days. Instead, they are rendered in softer, draping shapes and looser bodies that provided the perfect counterpoint to their edge. Rodebjer's girl isn't a groupie, but her own woman, which is what I love about these pieces.

This leather blazer is on my wish list

One of the sequined 10 x 10 dresses, featuring a beautiful window pane inset

This full length leather coat has the best ballooning shoulder detail

I'm definitely going to try and order this printed tee. The new sunglasses also looked really good.

Another favorite from the 10 x 10 line was this double-breasted dress with plenty of buttons

This is one of the few leather dresses I've ever seen that wasn't made to be overtly sexy, and I love its classic appeal

A 10 x 10 dress with a printed silk top

I love the contrast between the demure sillk top and the leather bottom of this dress

A 10 x 10 dolman sleeve dress with chain details


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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Hand embroidered 'Lunette' tote-bag

To me, there are two categories of craft. The kind that I can DIY, and which I refuse to spend money on, and then the kind which are made with true craftsmanship and skill, which I'm more reluctant to attempt to make at home, and more willing to part with my dollars for. Hand embroidery of any kind definitely falls into the second category for me, as I will never acquire a taste for hand-sewing. I hold the highest amount of respect for people who have more patience than I do, and therefore am slightly smitten by Rose Patate, a line of handmade jewelry, accessory and household goods designed by Rachel Peloquin. Many of her designs feature hand embroidery, quilting, and silk screening, and I'm particularly fond of her quirky little broaches that look like they've been made with the utmost love and care.

Hand embroidered broaches

Plume cotton tote bag featuring tromp-l'oeil feathers

Studded tote bag


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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Antti Asplund on Finnish Project Runway

I stopped watching American Project Runway a while ago. After Bravo's sham of a replacement, The Fashion Show, and the tepid Lifetime Channel revival of the original program both produced unspectacular contestants and terrible clothes. Perhaps it might have been more interesting if I had known any of them (Christina knew two of the contestants on this season's Project Runway, which compelled her to watch at least a couple of episodes), so I could at least have somebody to root for.

Thus it's somewhat disappointing that they don't broadcast other Project Runways from around the world over here, cause my friend Antti Asplund is a contestant on this season's Finnish version. I can't vouch for the quality of Project Runway abroad (I saw a few clips of the Canadian version, which seemed disastrous, even with Iman hosting), but just taking a peek at some of the pictures from their website, it's worth tuning in just to see the progression of Antti's neckwear from day to day. Whether it's a Elizabethan poet's ruff made out of newspaper, or a wee marionette man hanging from his neck, Antti never ceases to surprise with his outlandish attire. I swear, he gets crazier and crazier every single time I see him. I might not be able to watch the show (and even if I could, I wouldn't be able to understand it!), but trust me, I'm rooting for him hardcore.


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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Form and Function

Charles Anastase for Longchamp bags

I've never been a fan of Longchamp's classic, foldable pliage bags, which seem more practical than fashionable. However, Longchamps has reached out on several occasions to collaborate with designers like Jeremy Scott, and artists like Tracy Emin, to create versions of their classic bag that aren't just covetable, but collectors items in their own right. For fall, they've decided to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of ANDAM (Association Nationale pour le Développement des Arts de la Mode), by picking out three previous winners of the ANDAM Fashion Award to design their own versions of the pliage. The designers include Jeremy Scott again, as well as BLESS and Charles Anastase. Personally, I can't decide which I prefer: the creepy-cute white cats on Charles Anastase's bag, which would certainly freak out my husband, or BLESS's creation, which folds up into a donut-shaped leather bangle. Both are brilliant, and decidedly practical too.

Bless for Longchamp bracelet bag

Instructions for converting the bag into a bangle


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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

His and Hers

Jil Sander x Uniqlo tailcoat, Mischen dress, YSL tribute boots, vintage beret, Adrienne Landau sequined scarf, Triskaidekaphobia necklace, fake pearls from the district, Iosselliani ring

I never really understood the concept of going out and buying a 'boyfriend' jacket. Why not just steal/share your boyfriend's (or your brother, roommate or gay best friend's) jacket instead? With this sensitivity to economy in mind, I went to check out the Jil Sander for Uniqlo collection last week, later than most of the die-hard fans, but just in the nick of time to snatch up the last remaining tailcoat jacket that had been on my wishlist. Of course, since I was late, it was two sizes too large, but I liked the louche, oversized quality, and also figured that it would probably fit my slim husband perfectly, making it an ideal piece for us to both share.

However, when I brought the coat home, Jimmy thought otherwise. He immediately complained that it wasn't his style, that he would have never chosen it out for himself, and that it was way too formal for him to wear on a regular basis. As soon as he put it on though, he couldn't deny the incredible fit, and began to tepidly experiment with it. I tried to help him along by encouraging him to dress it down, less he be mistaken for a doorman at the Waldorf Astoria.

I guess I might have sold the shared jacket a little too hard, and on Saturday night, as we prepared to leave the house for my party at TriBeCa Grand, we both reached for the jacket. Even though I had prepared my outfit for the jacket, he claimed that it completed his 19th century drunken poet look (complete with grotesquely wine-stained teeth), and would have to change his entire outfit if I took the jacket from him. Not willing to endure any more slow-motion outfit changes from my inebriated companion, I conceded, and let him wear it, although I made him brush his teeth, and had him take a few outfit photos of me in it beforehand. Next time I will remember to buy my own boyfriend jacket.

Jil Sander x Uniqlo coat, American Apparel button down shirt, Marc Jacobs corduroy pants, Church's brogues.


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Monday, October 19, 2009

Scandinavians Do It Better

On Saturday night, I was hanging out at my friend Chet's apartment, when I noticed a giant hooded cardigan lying on his bed. I immediately grabbed it and asked what it was, and not surprisingly, found out it was made by Swedish-born designer Lars Andersson, for whom Chet freelances as a press agent. I'm a sucker for nice knits, since quite frankly, they're difficult to find; items that meet the requirements of being warm and practical, as well as being stylish and wearable are a rare occurrence. The cardigan I found on Chet's bed had comforting appeal of a snuggie, but rather than draping like a clunky grandma sweater when he put it on, it gave him the appearance of a Blade Runner era Dark Lord. It only seems natural that some of the best knitwear comes from a Scandinavian, given their familiarity with freezing weather, and I'm definitely thinking of picking one of the unisex pieces up for our own bracing New York winter. Here are some of my favorites, with Chet modeling some of the sweaters himself.


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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Holographic Technology

Ostwald Helgason x ASOS labyrinth leggings, Proenza Schouler x Target bustier, Rodebjer top, Gucci pumps, Gerard Yosca necklace, cuff and rings

After thinking about the Ostwald Hegason x ASOS leggings day and night after I posted them a couple of weeks ago, I caved and ordered them. I'm so happy I did, because they look ten times better in real life than they do online. A photograph can't capture the full rainbow of colors that seem to be magically squeezed into this one print, and even the cotton/polyester composition of the fabric has a shiny, almost holographic quality to it. In fact, I love them so much, that if my bank account wasn't looking so skimpy right now I would go ahead and order a couple more pieces from the collection.


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Friday, October 16, 2009

Neoplasticism: Part I

One of my favorite looks of the night, a tiny slip paired with a fur shawl

On Sunday night, we had the pleasure of hosting a runway show and party at Lucky Cheng's for our friends Ashley and Amanda's salon, Arrojo Studio. They worked together with their fellow Arrojo stylists Emily and Lee to create three different groups of looks, including a forties inspired group, featuring girls in vintage slips and undergarments matched with perfectly curled and styled coiffures. There were plenty of pictures taken by a professional photographer, but while we wait for them, I couldn't resist posting a few pictures that Ashley took of the forties ladies on her mobile. I promise to post the rest later, including the Nastygirl group that Nicollette styled using our jewelry and clothes pulled from Screaming Mimi's!

A close up of her hair and makeup

Christina wearing a vintage slip, fake pearls from the district, and a Topshop headband

Two more girls from the forties group. The girl on the left is wearing a headpieces woven out of hair that the Arrojo girls made beforehand!

Good Doctor/Witch Doctor (a.k.a. Waseem and Chet) DJed


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Thursday, October 15, 2009

All Hail AllSaints

AllSaints sweater, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair tank top, Zara pants, Rachel Comey boots, Devaki hat, Longchamps leather bracelet, Gerard Yosca cuff, Antti Asplund necklaces, Iosselliani ring

Ok, I have a confession to make that will probably have some of my U.K. friends guffawing. Up until last week, I was under the impression that AllSaint was the British equivalent of Hot Topic, selling mass market goth/punk attire for suburban alterna-kids. I mainly blame the name, which I associate with the girl group, and I also blame the fact that AllSaints hasn't enjoyed the same U.S. publicity blitz that Topshop has had. That said, I admit I must be partially blind, considering the fact that so many of my favorite bloggers wear the brand quite frequently.

Then, a couple of months ago, a British jewelry designer who I was freelancing for admired my Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair dress, commenting that it "bore the same handwriting" as her favorite High Street brand, AllSaints (even though her boyfriend is one of the owners of Topshop). Rather than checking out AllSaints as she suggested, I felt mostly disbelieving, not to mention slightly insulted on behalf of one my favorite labels of all time. How could they possibly compare?!

AllSaints however has made it's way to me, first opening up a store in New York's Bloomingdales in September, and recently launching its U.S. online store. I finally took a peek at their website, and was immediately sucked in. Though the U.S. site has a skimpier selection than the U.K., it's still packed with beautifully deconstructed knits, perfectly tailored jackets and coats, and plenty of lovely draped dresses and haphazardly ballooning skirts. While the collection has a distinctly roguish, highwayman feel, I can definitely see touches of Fifth Avenue, and even CDG running throughout, and have to admit that I'm already addicted to this slightly less expensive alternative. I immediately ordered this deconstructed sweater, and already have several items on my Christmas wishlist.

I'm somewhat obsessed with this waistcoat, which reminds me of a Victorian medical corset

I love the draping of this jacket, which looks like it's perfectly tailored, yet slightly disheveled

The leather buckle straps add the perfect amount of detail to this dress


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