Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Up The Ante

With the premier of Doo Ri's lower end line Under Ligne two seasons ago, I have noticed that it has affected her collection in a great way. The lower line has made her elevate her collection adding more hand work like beading, chains, ruffles etc. Every season I work on the the Doo Ri show, and it is great to see the line evolve up close, especially because photos don't do justice to all of the small details. I will try too fill you in on the pics.

Also, make note of the amazing makeup, the girls look kind of washed out with dark eyebrows and blue lips, think hypothermia.

This dress is ruched down the front and back with sequined panels.

This sheer dress is worn with a nude lace printed body suit underneath

Brass chain dress and brass chain shoes

Chain fringe top

Under Ligne is full of easy knit pieces, which I love to build looks off of. Basic black drapey jersey dresses last me years! The prices range from about $150- $500. Of course, I want the leather and knit paneled leggings! ($495 the most expensive piece)

I love the scripted print of this top. Doo Ri made the print into curtains for their studio.


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Poisoned Amour said...

these are some great pictures. so inspiring.
i am loving body lace suits at the moment. i just haven't had the money to get one, sadly :(
great blog, btw :)

Dannie said...

there are some absolutely amazingly beuatiful peices here, i love the cobo of sheer and ruffles

Mcmaris said...

OMG OMG OMG that first dress is just bananas! I'm in love!

Elisabeth Lacunza said...

the first one is so elegant! jaja the comment above nailed it :P

pink horrorshow said...

I never cared much for Doo.ri but I saw some Under.ligne pieces at Barney's Co-Op and thought they were really cute yet basic. The leggings with leather patches are AMAZING, but $500 is a tad extravagant :(