Friday, September 25, 2009

Just Bijules

An editorial showpiece---Armor shoulder pads dripping with swags of chain. I can't wait to see the photoshoots that this is bound to appear in!

We might love Jules Kim cause she's a girl after our own heart. A jewelry designer by day, Jules hosts the occasional party here and there, and also DJs (I think we should form a designer/DJ union with the Posso girls). Her line, Bijules, never ceases to amaze me, and season after season Jules creates some of the most complexly beautiful pieces that stretches the traditional boundaries of jewelry. Pave faux fingernail rings? Of course! Swinging locks of brightly dyed hair as earrings? Why not? Detachable vermeil elfin ear tips? Naturally. I'm constantly wowed by her brilliant inventions, and this season is no different. The new collection has a distinctly tribal influence, with most of the pieces constructed out of tiny bones. Jules even made a bone-shaped faux-septum ring, which can be worn if you don't have a nose piercing! My favorite piece this season is the tiny gold bird skull shaped fingernail, which she set with black diamonds. Who knew fine jewelry could be so fun?

Jules modeling the wrap around bone ring and the bird skull fingernail ring

A bone fringed bracelet, and more bird skull fingernail rings

A tribal headpiece, and a nose ring that actually is a clip on of sorts, and brilliantly can be worn even if you don't have a piercing

Jules has been making these hair earrings for a couple of seasons now, and this season she introduced a bunch of shocking new colors


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Jillian said...

omg all these pieces are amazing

Joshua said...

The bone fringes really give the fringe a new perspective, I can just imagine the wow factor as you move closer to it and notice it after seeing it from a far.

The armor piece is the real show stopper though!

Dannie said...

amazing pieces!
loooving the intrigue and timeless quality of these pieces!

WJ said...

You've featured some excellent jewelry collections lately, this one is no exception!

randi b said...

wow! those are all sooooo amazing...espesh the golden shoulder pads!

Maria said...

those armour shoulderpads are craaazy!

Elisabeth Lacunza said...

god the shoulder thing is superfetishhhh

Jess said...

The shoulder piece is so fierce.

The Stylemaster said...

love it all! esp the fingernail rings!