Sunday, September 13, 2009

Iris Loeffler Spring 2010

Between dashing to and from stores, and heading over to DJ at Screaming Mimi's for Fashion's Night Out (more pictures later), I stopped by for a quick look at my lovely friend Iris Loeffler's Spring collection. The mood was festive and laid back, and the models sipped on cocktails while chatting to each other in an array of subtly sexy outfits, made for the girl who wants to dress with an edge, but doesn't want to sacrifice showing off her perfect figure. As usual, there was plenty of softly structured draping, and loose layers, all constructed from Iris's signature simple patterns. My favorite pieces were her leather vests, which are all cut from one large rectangle of fabric, and which reappear every season.


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WJ said...

The structured architectural draping in the first image is breath-taking!

Bianca and Isabella said...

eeek so yummy.

pink horrorshow said...

The second girl in the brown dress is STUNNING.

Brb, looking for some cool combat boots.