Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fringe Benefits

Christopher Kane x Topshop Croc dress, DIY Rodarte leggings, Rachel Comey boots, Triskaidekaphobia scribble necklace, restraint bracelet and ring

On Friday night, we went down to Allegra's gallery, LaViola Bank, to celebrate the release of Henrik Vibskov's new book with Andreas Emenius, The Fringe Projects. The book documents and serves as a catalog of the series of art installations, performances, and photographs that the pair have collaborated on over the past couple of years. Andreas is a good friend of Michael, one of the co-owners of the space, and the gallery temporarily put up several of the stunning photographs from the project on display. Allegra seemed a tad bit overwhelmed by the Danish fashion mob that descended, but after the chaos of Fashion Week, it seemed like a perfectly cozy and intimate gathering to me. I also used it as an opportunity to wear the Christopher Kane x Topshop dress that I ran to pick up as soon as it hit the floor.

Henrik Vibskov, on the right, and the crowd in the back yard of LaViola Bank

One of the self-portraits of Vibskov and Emenius from The Fringe Projects that was on display

Dom and Carlo, wearing CDG and Margiela respectively

Jimmy and his drinking companions for the evening


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WJ said...

Damn, lucky you for getting your hands first on the Kane + Topshop collab. I'm still awaiting eagerly for my online package to cross the ocean. Great get-up with the leggings too!

withasianstereotypes said...

I'm so happy I got to see what this looked like on someone other than the TS+KANE model. Sadly I ordered both the tee and dress online and it's slowly getting to me bah. You look amazing, and your tights are dead on brill with the dress!

KISS, China L.

Kat George said...

LADYYYYYYYY I bought that dress too! I can't wait until it comes in the post, it looks so hot on you! x

Brainz said...


chloe&reese are having trunkshows starting now and if you'd like to host one I'm sure there's a $100 in it for your effort or even a dress. I am the production person there and the line is BEAUTIFUL, it's all domestically made, silks, party dresses, sweet cute numbers all around. The trunk events are basically you and your girlfriends, we serve drinks, you shop etc.

Let me know what you think.
ps: Fashionweek was MURDER

Laura said...

Love the CK croco dress!

Isabel said...

Oh wow, you got THE dress. Lucky you!

burnthesebones said...

the placement of the croc on that dress is so tongue in cheek, haha. it looks great!

Malu said...

love your leggings!
Your blog is very inspiring to me:D