Monday, September 21, 2009

E.M. Eternal

Spikey earrings, rings and necklaces from the new Spring collection

I spent yesterday and today working the Designers & Agents tradeshow with one of my favorite jewelry lines, E.M.. In spite of the grueling schedule, I actually really enjoy working most of the shows, since it gives me a good chance to preview a lot of the Spring collections in person. While most of the designers at D&A aren't my style (I noticed a bunch of booths showcasing what I can only describe as slutty hippy chic, like Britney Spears attempting boho), there were definitely a few standouts (which I will write about another time).

One more observation: did you know that they've actually started to manufacture pre-shredded fabric and making entire clothing lines out of it? While the garments don't bear the signature irregularities that most home-shredded tees do, I'm sure that once they're worn a couple of times they'll look identical to the originals. They were actually quite beautiful, but I have a feeling that if they're being mass produced, they're quickly on their way into "victim" territory, along with the many other trends that I have once loved, but which I now see in the window display at Strawberry.

Anyway, I'm heading over to work at Coterie tomorrow, but I thought I would share some pictures of E.M.'s Spring Collection, which features tons of spikes mixed with swags of chains. The designers never cease to impress me with their almost magical level of technical skill and attention to detail. I could go blind trying to figure out how they do exactly what they do.

These shoulder-dusting fringe earrings and spikey starbursts were a favorite amongst buyers

I loved the rings in the center, which featured piles of cubic zirconia stones stacked on top of each other

A draping fringe necklace, and a fringed two-finger ring!

Some pieces from the MEHEM collection, which has plenty of stacking rings


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InnyVinny said...

Digging all the spikes and the stacking rings.

burnthesebones said...

"...but which I now see in the window display at Strawberry."

hahaha! don't want to be a snob but i agree with this so much. and wow, i can't believe they start manufacturing pre-shredded fabric!

the EM pieces are like candy for the eyes...want them all!

trigg and trig. said...

top photo

necklaces - far left, far right, dear god!

Laura said...

amazing! I wish I had all of them ;)

Mouthwash said...

I think my favorite is the cz ring with the spikes coming out. Awesomeness!


gabriella said...

MEHEM.... margiela rip offs!

between peace and happiness said...

love these!

speechless_fashion said...

wow these are so cool! i love spikes!!

WILDasaMINK said...

That jewelry collection is awesome! I love all the spikiness of it! And yes, that ring in the center is my fave too. Nice.

Ash Fox said...

i so agree. once it's at strawberry..forget it. that's the thing about mass production. nowadays they can make anything fast, and cheap. hopefully there will always be a niche for those who want handmade, high quality items.


Amanda said...

god those mehem rings are stunning

Jillian said...

everything is gorgeous!
man... ugh i need more jewelry those are fantastic!

WJ said...

Very interesting collection, especially those rings...completely to die for! I love the one right at the bottom on that last picture, the pearl within the circle. Delicious.