Friday, September 4, 2009

Celebrate Fashion's Night Out at Screaming Mimi's!

What better way to celebrate Fashion's Night Out than teaming up with our favorite vintage store, and second family, Screaming Mimi's. The store will be presenting an all day shopping event, "Racks of Love," with some of New York City's downtown luminaries curating racks of their favorite Mimi's merch. Guest curators will include Paper Magazine Editors Kim Hastreiter, Mr. Mickey, and Julia Frakes, legendary fashion columnist Lynn Yaeger, and our friends The Misshapes. The pieces will be on sale exclusively for Thursday, September 10th, and a portion of the proceeds of the sales will be donated to the charity of each curator's choice. You can shop the racks all day, but make sure to stop by at 8, when the Prosecco will start flowing, and when we will start DJing!!! This is an all age event, with no RSVP and no guestltist, so I expect each and every one of you to stop by, especially those of you who are under 21 and won't be able to make it out to our Chictopia party. You see, we love you all!

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Stephanie Kim said...

yayy i heard about this! thanks for the deets!

Miss Mae said...

Wow sounds like SO much fun! I wish I was in NY right about now. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

<3 Miss Mae

Dannie said...

if only i was in ny!!!

Claudette said...

Thanks for the comment! I discovered Screaming Mimi's on holiday in amazing find. Wish I could take part.