Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Okay, I know I can't stop talking about our friends The Drums, but Jon texted me this morning to let me know they have a full page article in this week's New York Magazine as part of their Fall Preview Guide of all the things you should be psyched about. Plus, there's an extra cute picture of Jon and Jacob shot by another awesome friend of ours, Dom (who will be shooting our lookbook shots this week). Anyway, we've been super-psyched about them for a long time now, and it's great to see that everyone else in New York (and soon the rest of the world) are catching on to them. In case you missed the high-energy performance they put on at our TriBeCa Grand party this past weekend, do check out their new music video, and their EP Summertime, which is now available on iTunes.


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Pierrot le Fou said...

what a great song!

joy said...

This might be a little embarrassing to admit that I am such a fan girl but I have posted this video and playing the song over and over again each morning. Do you have their album?

Joy D.

Lani said...

great song & video!