Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Jamz Contest

These Current/Elliot Boyfriend shorts can be yours!

Even though it hasn't reached 90 degrees yet in NYC, we're still in the midst of a beautiful, mild, almost-Swedish summer, where I still haven't had to turn on my air-conditioning. Nonetheless I've been living in my summer clothes, and I was pretty excited when Chickdowtown offered to give away a pair of Current/Elliott Jeans Boyfriend Shorts, which retail for $198, to one of our lucky readers. They're perfect for lounging around in the park, or at the beach, and would go perfectly with these J.A.K. Plaid shirts, or a shredded tee.

To enter the contest, all you need to do is leave a comment naming your favorite summer jam right now. Personally I've been cranking up Creator by Santogold. I always like new band/music suggestions, but old favorites work just as well. Make sure to leave your name and email/blog where we can contact you! We'll chose the comment with the song we'd be most likely want to play on a hot night out in the city. Anyone can enter as long as you live in the US (we apologize to our international visitors, we love you too!). The contest will run for 15 days, and end on July 30th!

I personally won this Elizabeth and James shirt from Chickdowntown a few months ago when The Stiletto Effect did a contest with them, so I pretty much love this website. Make sure to check out Chickdowntown at and

Good luck!!!


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Damsels said...

oh yay!!
im gonna go with the new YeaYeah Yeah album
Dull life.

Damsels said...

oh my name is nadia .. contact

Kristine said...


"boy boy" by lissy trullie

alyssa said...

the dead weather - will there be enough water

i love these guys and their sound!! SO SICK!!

plus, i live in the desert and it is already 115-degrees..


Standard Clash said...

Hey,My names Brittney & I check your blog religiously :D

clara said...

my current obsession is
boom- anjulie
for the sultry breezy summer nights.

jane said...

my name is jane, my email is, and my favorite summer jam has to be "lost in translation" by plasticines :)
those current/elliots are fab, i SO need them.

trina's reality said...

Hello, I'm Trina. ;]

"Handle Me" by Robyn--its a feisty hip hop song ;D

Shailee said...

So good.
My summer jam has been "My Boo" - Ghost Town DJ's. Not new, but oh my god it doesn't get better than this on a summer day.

tah_nee said...

discovery - slang tang. duh.

jc.lau said...

Regardless of how people feel about Kevin Rudolf, my summer jam is definitely Let it Rock by him.
So addictive. <3
I can just image a big beach bonfire party with it blasting away.

Here's a link to the youtube video:

You can contact me at

InnyVinny said...

I can't say no to shorts.

Right now, I'm all over "Panic Switch" by the Silversun Pickups. It's not new, but I absolutely love that song. =)

Alicia instantvintage84(at)gmail(dot)com

Thanks for the giveaway, y'all!

CharmaineLi said...

Ah! I wish they would send them to canadians too!

drivethruvintage said...

Phoenix - 1901 (Build Remix) on youtube

The original is amazing too but I think this remix adds a twist and makes it more beachy.

Thanks for doing this contest =)

Mae said...

i'm gonna say "Graveyard Girl" by M83,

because it makes you feel like you're in a field of wildflowers flying kites and eating brie and baguettes and star-gazing EVEN if you're in the midst of a concrete jungle !

Mae at

bryana said...

i'd have to say good girls go bad by cobra starship


Michael said...

"MY BOO" by ghost town dj's. done.

Dena said...


"Ordinary Days" by Awaking State

Lorena Cupcake said...

Is Summertime Clothes by Animal Collective too cliche at this point?

Here's a link where you can stream it.

Angie555 said...

Every summer, you have to keep Nick Gilder's "Hot Child In The City" on the playlist. - so good.

Reminds me of roller-skating at the roller rink in the summer when school's out and the sun sets really late. The best!

tiffanysprincess said...

hey, my name is shanaye ... i looove your blog bt down 2 business .... nothing 2 step 2 by thunderheist ... email =

little mermaid said...

Lately I've been obsessed with Billie Holiday.. but I'm gonna go with "The Melody of the Fallen Tree" by Windsor for the Derby; I love to hear that song any where and any time I can.
Love your blog, I do a lot of DIY's too.


Lani said...

cute shorts! i've been on the search for some nice casual shorts.

i've been looping Round Table Knights' "Hold Me Back". super fun & makes me want to dance all night!

skygirl615 [at]

claire b said...

my summer jam is def sherry by frankie valli & the four seasons... perfect for blasting when getting ready for a night out. love ittt.


Danielle said...

My fav is Shontelle "Roll It"
Has an islandy vibe and makes me feel like I should be on the beach sippin a pina colada and shakin my hips. Instantly lifts my mood :]

Anna M. said...

The Bird and the Bee - "my love"

It's insanely catchy and ethereal at the same time.

grace said...


"Summer Shudder" by AFI

Not my video so just don't look at the anime haha.

Emilie.Katogo said...

Emilia Kay

'I'm yours' & 'Make it mine' by Jason Mraz

Courteney said...

Definitely "My Drive Thru" by Julian Casablancas, Pharrell Williams, and Santogold.

Raych said...

I love giveaways :)

Currently playing anything by Empire of the Sun (Half Mast is my favorite) or Revolting Cocks.

Maya l'Abeille said...

My name is Maya, at, and I effing love your blog.

I would have to say "Breeze," by Apollo Sunshine.

woweelina :D said...

I am really diggin The Calculation by Regina Spektor :) I may even see her in concert <3 front row. My email