Monday, July 6, 2009

Odeur Spring 2010

Gabi helped construct this incredible cape

The day that I left Stockholm, my friend Gorjan Lauseger showed his second season as a designer for Odeur, which he worked on in collaboration with Petter Hollström, the label's founder. Even though I stopped by Gorjan's apartment to see the pieces in work, which Gabi also spent a good deal of time helping out on, Gorjan wouldn't let me take photographs because they weren't finished. Still, he gave me a peek at the flat sketches, so I could really get a sense of the concept of the brand. Odeur takes classic garments, and by shifting the traditional placement of seam lines, and slightly altering the cutting of the patterns, they transform the original basic (anything from an oxford shirt to a simple tee) into something completely unexpected. They showed last Monday at Berns with their friends Noir et Blanc, and I really wish I could have been there to see it, since Aapo walked the show. Here are some pictures from the show that Gorjan sent me, and you can see the entire collection here. Congratulations, baby, we're so proud of you!

That freaky Finn, Aapo

A picture of Gorjan that I took on a rare break from preparing for the show.


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Isabel said...

I really really like the alphabet tank. it;s whimsical and cute!

Ashley Shaun said...

oh its really so handsome. i like all the dresses and the model. its so beautiful.

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swallow glitter said...

that cape is really beautiful.