Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor

Christina and I are tired of listening to the same electronic remixes by DJs we don't care about. Tomorrow night we're throwing a party at B. EAST, playing the music we really listen to, for the friends we love to hang out with. No guest list, no cover, drink specials all night. Our good friends Anton and Jonas will be our guest DJs, because I wouldn't trust anyone else aside from the two people I asked to DJ my own wedding a year ago. Stop by if you're around, and if you can't make it check out Jonas's thread on the Fashion Spot (haha).

Anton and Jonas


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It seems to have a great time :)))

white mice said...

I agree. I made it a rule that every time I go out, I wouldn't go to a party where they aren't playing good stuff. It could be the party of the year, but if they are playing crappy mash ups or hits I've heard a thousand times just to get people going, it seems pointless and empty. Just stick to the good stuff. You two have great taste.