Monday, July 13, 2009


For the event, we wore our DIY porcelain flower skirts that we made for the Chictopia party we threw last Fashion Week. I wore my skirt with a VPL tee and Damaris bra, Christina wore hers with a DIY shredded tank and a VPL bra.

Thank you to everybody who made it out yesterday to hang out with Jeralyn, Sarah A., Pammy, Nikki, Christina and myself---we're so grateful that Andie and Kate at Urban Outfitters let us do this event! It was a great chance to hang out with some of our favorite fellow bloggers, and it was also an opportunity for everyone participating to show how accessible and easy DIY can be. I know that many people have previously complained to us that our DIYs are difficult to follow, or may require knowledge of sewing/knitting/etc that not everybody has. While our DIYs range from super-crafty to semi-professional, I think that there a lot of things that you can do to personalize your wardrobe without any formal training or experience. I chose to demonstrate the most easy DIY possible, cutting and slashing, on several jersey dresses and tops that Urban provided. Christina in turn demonstrated how easy it is to make a nice statement necklace out of a simple chain necklace and some long gradient fringe. I wish I captured more pictures from the event and everyone who attended, but we were so busy running around I didn't manage to get many. Look out for more pictures on everyone else's blogs, but in the meantime, here are some close ups of all of our projects!

EDIT: See more pictures of the entire event here on Badlooking!

Pammy's incredible crochet chain bracelets. The hot pink lanyard bracelet was made for Screaming Mimi's Montauk store!

A slash dress that I made from an U.O. tube dress, paired with a U.O. cardigan and necklace.

Jeralyn did the incredible studding on this black pleather U.O dress, while Nikki distressed and added chain to these white U.O. jeans.

This is one of the gradiant fringe necklaces Christina made from an existing U.O. chain swag necklace, worn ove one of Sarah A.'s shredded tees.

I put the DIY Rodarte leggings I made up as a more advanced example of cutting, and what you can do with nothing more than a pair of scissors. It's paired it with the DIY zipper trim dress that we just made, and an U.O. pleather necklace.

The night before, I wore the DIY Rodarte leggings with a Margarita Saplala dress, YSL belt and shoes, DIY tiger mask hat, Gerard Yosca bracelet, and a necklace and ring of my own design.


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CalamityJem said...

I really love your DIY zipper trim dress, it's utterly fabulous :)

Luce said...

It looks like so much fun! congrats on the success.

aandhblog said...

This is great! I love the Rodarte-inspired leggings, and I've been slashing t-shirts like crazy this month. Very successful results!


cindy said...

this post was mega fascinating! i love all of the clothes. <3

me melodia said...

you girls look like candy.

carlyjcais said...

Gorge! (But I think I love your flower skirt best of all!:-)

I'd so love to hook up with you guys (since I'm DIY'ing constantly on my lil' ol' blog...) but I live on the other side of the country!

So bummed...hey, if you're ever in Portland OR!


ほし said...

Oh no.

I discovered your blog (I think at one point you visited and commented on mine...sorry for my lack of manners!) and now I am doomed. Doomed, doomed. Between you gals and Zana I have enough inspiration for DIY projects to last me years. Seriously.

But this is great! I get to be crafty! I get to practice my (poor) skills! And, most importantly, I get to have a productive and creative hobby. :)

Am definitely following your adventures! (At least online)

InnyVinny said...

I think it's dope that the NY DIY pwners got to run this workshop. I know it was heaven.

Fashion Is Poison said...

SO WISH I WAS THERE. I love everything you posted on here. The jeans are awesome.

Daisy said...

Ohh how fantastic!

Ivania said...

I wish I could have been there!
I love love love everything you just posted! but my favorite is nude dress with the visible shoulderpads

zana bayne said...

Will you let me join your craft pow-wows when I head over to NYC?


threadzeppelin said...

wow! its amazing what simply using scissors and a needle and thread can do. any chance you could explain the DIY fringe necklace. i love that!

Isabel said...

This event looks like it was totally amazing! I wish I lived in the NY area so I could've entered!

Sandra said...

love that outfit on last picture! cute blog! :D


Mouthwash said...

those skirts are absolutely wonderful!!


Damsels said...

hey there love your margieal dress.
it was fun to see you guys do the event . i dont know if you remember but i took a picture of you guys .

you looked so cute in your flower skirts
check out that picture on the blog if you like
We were Damsels

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Zana- we would loooove to have you in on our craft pow-wows once you get to NYC! Can't Wait!!!

threadzeppelin- I will ask Christina to post proper DIY instructions for the fringe necklace but the basic gist is as follows: you take seam binding and pin it around the necklace chain and the fringe, and then hand stich the binding to the fringe using embroidery floss.

Damsels- Thank you for the picture, so glad you ladies made it!


Kat George said...

Im so jealous! It looks like such a fun day! xxx

A La Mode said...

Wow I love everything! These clothes are incredible.

Twobreadsplease said...

I love your outfit, the rodarte-type leggings look amazing under a long skirt. Congrats on the urban outfitters event too, it looks great! xx

Frou Flu said...

Tiffany, i'm totally in LOVE with your skirt:( it's so pretty... wow. that's like the prettiest skirt i've seen so far. seriously. it's beautiful.

The Fashion Bible said...

I love the skirt!!! Can you do a tutorial on that pleeassse?