Monday, June 29, 2009

Sailor In Love With The Sea

A picture Tobias took of Aapo wearing my Six Six Sick sailor hat, which I brought along for the occasion

I finally got back from Stockholm this morning, and am just starting to catch up with emails, blogging, comments, etc. It was a wonderful to be out of touch with the world, with barely any internet access and absolutely no cell phone for two weeks, but it's also feels pretty good to get back to New York (the first thing we did after we got of the plane was go out for a bowl of ramen at Momofuku).

Anyway, Jimmy and I spent the first half our vacation on a sailboat trip out to our friend Linus's country house in Gränsö, where we celebrated Midsommer. While Gabi and I got to sail in Gustav's luxurious family boat, our Swedish husbands and self-professed "adventurers," Tobias and Jimmy, had to tough out the rather rough waters in Oskar's little boat, Sylvia. While the first day of sailing was lovely, the second day we hit rather inclement weather, leaving Gabi and I both a little sea sick. I can't tell you how relieved we were when we reached Linus's house, where I got to experience my first Midsommer in Sweden. Here's a few pictures, look out for my 66Sick sailing hat which everyone got to wear at some point during the trip!

Breakfast on the boat with Gabi and Gustav, involving lots of Knäckebröd and Kalle's caviar

The port at Nynäshamn, where we set sail from, and where Jimmy's grandparents live

We bought smoked fish at the Rokeri for dinner

Emil, steering our boat. All the rest of the boys were wearing full on winter jackets and ski gear, while I was fully unprepared for the windy, rainy weather.

Tobias took this picture of Jimmy, Andreas and Aapo on Oskar's boat, with Aapo looking very much like a cat burglar

On Midsommer day, we picked wildflowers and made traditional wreath garlands

Gabi and I wearing our creations

Linus, Tobias, and all the other "young, strong men" lifting up the maypole

Tobias took this picture of me wearing Aapo's oversized Daniel Pallilo t-shirt with my 66Sick shredded thermal and Chanel sunglasses

Midsommer dinner!

Aapo and Gabi and I finished the night by chugging this Magnum of sparkling Rose and drunkenly forming a secret society


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alfie said...

looks like a wonderful time! i miss aapo

Eli said...

I went to stockholm for the first time in may and I am absolutely in love with the place. I cant wait to go back one day and these pictures cheered me up! thanks for sharing with us

Sarah A. said...

lookin' good! cant wait til friday!

WendyB said...

Looks like so much fun.

Mare P said...

looks like tons of fun!

Isabel said...

Oh! Those floral wreaths are aqesome - and your friends has the best Scandinavian sailor style ever!

Sophia said...

I think I will have a midsummer wedding when I'm getting married. With a flower garland. And a big fire!

James H said...

Looks like such an awesome time!