Tuesday, June 9, 2009


As Jimmy and I prepare to go back to Stockholm next week after being away for over a year and a half (waiting for his greencard meant not leaving the country for a long time), I feel compelled to investigate what's been going on since I've left. I could tell you a million things I love about Sweden, but really, what I miss most (aside from my friends), are all the incredible up and coming young designers, and the general fashion savvy that seems evident in nearly every resident of Stockholm. People are so eager and interested in embracing new ideas and supporting new talent. It is my personal belief that because Sweden does not have a very long and impressive fashion history, that most of the designers concentrate on looking forward rather than backwards towards vintage for inspiration.

One such visionary designer that I've become enamored with lately is Odeur, a menswear line that was introduced to me by my friend Gorjan. The line is focused on taking traditional pieces like basic tees and sweatshirts, and reconstructing them in unconventional ways to change their silhouette. In addition, each Odeur piece is endorsed with the company's signature androgynous scent, hence the name, which I think is rather poetic.  Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll pick up some men's tees for myself.


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Amanda said...

yeah i felt the same way about people i sweden. everyone seems to look stylish. it's not like america where every other person is wearing questionable or ill-fitting garments, or clothes you shouldn't leave the house in (like pajama pants/juicy tracksuits). tacky just doesn't even seem to be in their vocabulary over there.

dirtyflaws said...

love this xx

May Kasahara said...

It's like pyramid head from Silent Hill!!!

Daisy said...

I do really want to go there ! Ive not been before, these photos are fab!

Isabel said...

I really like the last aesthetic of the hood. Do you know why he uses the triangle head? I wonder if it it in some way symbolic.

M said...

nnnice. so minimalista.