Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Things

Mini boater hat, $12 from H&M.  I love this silly little knock-off of the Marc Jacobs Spring 09 squashed straw hat.  The real version is currently on sale at the MJ store for around $100, which was really tempting, but two seconds after I tried it on, the elastic band that secures it to your head snapped off.  Maybe I just have a really huge head, but I think this means it's a bad investment.

I finally got my new Canon Rebel Xsi in the mail today, and have been spending the entire afternoon trying to read the dense instruction manuals etc. I have a ridiculously short attention span though, so instead of getting through it all, I thought I would play around with taking some test pictures around my apartment of a couple of new things I bought this week.  Naturally, Christina bought most of the same things, so you'll probably see them incorporated into our 66S outfits in the future.  Speaking of which, you can expect a lot more quality outfit shots, now that I have my new camera.  It's going to take a few weeks to figure out all the functions, but I'm already totally impressed with how much better it is than my crappy (now broken) point and shoot. If anyone has any suggestions, or camera tips/tricks, please share!

I picked up this VPL bra and underwear set at the sample sale last week.  I just love the flash of neon pink, not to mention the fact that it's super comfortable.  Christina and I are planning on wearing the top to Six Six Sick tonight.

I picked up this Clu patchwork tank at The News sample sale this weekend for $10. I was mainly buying presents for other people, but it was so cheap I couldn't resist.

This braided hair band from Topshop would be super easy to DIY, but I had to have it immediately so I shelled out $20 (not cheap) for it anyway.  My husband saw me wearing it and thought I had a cute new hairstyle, but completely freaked out and wouldn't talk to me when he found out it was fake.  Christina got the same one in blond!

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white mice said...

I wanted to DIY the Limi Feu headphones but my boyfriend talked me out of it because he thought it was gross. I had to cave and get boring ones for djing. Why can't they just understand?

The boater is really lovely. I'm going to have to look for it next time I'm at H&M. Thanks for being adorable, as always.

minorkeys1 said...

VPL "lingerie" is not for everyone but have to admit they are the best at what they do
the colorblocking always looks great

Juliet said...

i really love that bra, it looks super comfy! good buy


Mcmaris said...

Love that hat, and your camera takes great pics!!!

Frou Flu said...

what a cute little hat! i have the exact same one in brown too!:)

Amanda said...

oh man i wish i had gone to the vpl sale. i love that set you bought!!

burnthesebones said...

love the touch of hot pink in the VPL set. i was admiring that braided hair necklace at Top Shop too!
and it was nice bumping into you again at The News sale!

speechless_fashion said...

Oh i love the hat! I'm so obsessed with boater hats (specially the marc jacobs one!!!) these days!

steevay said...

ooh tips. the wonders you will be able to do with the flash exposure option.. to control the power of your flash. Pretty simple if you want a paparazzi effect.

the color shift grid is also nice if you don't like the hyper-saturated color that comes with digital cameras.

KATLIN said...

Eeek I got that hat, too, when I was in NYC last month! As soon as I saw it, I had to get it! It was so much more fun to wear in NY, here in Hawai'i people don't get it!