Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fashion Rocks Stockholm

September performing in one of Ann-Sofie Back's dream catcher dresses---so sick!!! Photo by
Thomas Piktozis.

As some of you might now, it's currently Fashion Week in Stockholm. I had the misfortune of planning poorly, and scheduling my flight back to New York the morning that it started, meaning that I missed the Odeur show that my friend Gorjan worked so hard on. Still, I did get a chance to stop by Fashion Rocks Stockholm last Thursday at Berns, which featured eight runway shows of the AW 2009 collections, paired with eight performances by accompanying bands. Although I had seen most of my favorite collections online already, it was awesome to see them in person. Ida Sjostedt's sequined covered collection was paired with pop-punk band Revl9n, and Ivana Helsinki's show was accompanied by the incredibly catchy singer songwriter Veronica Maggio. One of the highlights was getting to see the Carrie-inspired Ann-Sofie Back show, which was perfectly paired with Swedish pop-star September, who was dressed in full on zombie attire, with a group of models doing Thriller-styled dance moves in the background.

We were lucky enough to be put on the guestlist by our friend Linus, who works for menswear line Nikolaj d'Etoiles, and who organized their presentation for the event. We also ran into Susanne from W29 Showroom, who was their to support Dagmar. I walked away with an awesome goodybag gift---a Lady Gaga style headband, which I will have to photograph later. Of course, this was the one day that I forgot my camera, but I managed to scrounge up these pictures from the night.

Another picture of September. Photo by Tomas Piktozis.

The Ida Sjostedt show. Photo by Linn.

A psychedelic faux-fur coat from Ida Sjostedt. Photo by Thomas Piktozis.

Veronica Maggio performing in IVANAhelsinki. Photo by Tomas Piktozis.

Lydia Hearst hosted, and finished the night in her lingerie. Photo by Tomas Piktozis.


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Susie Bubble said...

Wow... have missed so much... you were in Stockholm?? Hope you had a fab time.... that Ann Sofie Back collection is one of my fave of her's to date....

Stephanie Kim said...

that dreamcatcher dress is an absolute vision! i love it!

Winnie said...

Too bad you missed your friend's show...but that dress is stunning...wow!!

misha said...

damn we were at the same place! I was there with work taking photos and such! I also met with Petter from Odeur and was invited to his show but couldn't because I was in Paris. SMALL WORLD.