Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I suppose it would be the logical next step for one of my favorite furniture designers, Tord Boontje, to make a foray into jewelry. Most of his designs involve lush landscapes of whimsical animal and plants laser cut into soft sheet metal and plastic, and shaped into garlands for lamp shades and curtains. Now, Boontje has taken those tinsely little designs apart, and made them into perfect little charms plated in gold, and sold in sets of three. I personally think they look best when you wear the entire collection at once, so that it forms a fairytale forest scape around your neck!


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Winnie said...

How pretty! I really like the idea that you can collect them and wear them all together!

Connie said...

They're fantastic and the entire collection does need to be worn at once. I'm jealous.

Natalie said...

i love layering tons of necklaces, these look great worn all together!

styleslicker said...

ooo I like!!