Friday, June 5, 2009

24 Hour Party People

If you haven't already seen 24 Hour Party People, documenting the notorious life of music producer Tony Wilson, and the bands that his label, Factory Records, produced (Joy Division, New Order, etc), go out and rent it right now (and on that note, if you haven't seen the recent Ian Curtis movie, Control, go out and rent it right now). If you have seen it, then maybe you might be as excited as I am about our TriBeCa Grand party tomorrow night, featuring DJ sets by two original Factory Record musicians, Paul Ryder of Happy Mondays, and Martin Moscrop of A Certain Ratio. Also, our friend David Pacho from the Surface to Air crew will be stopping by to DJ, so I'm convinced it will be a really good night.

A Certain Ratio video for Shack Up

The Happy Mondays video for Kinky Afro

The Trailer for 24 Hour Party People


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somewherebetweenwakingandsleeping said...

24 Hour Party People & Control loved them both.
Wishing i lived in NY...

Daisy said...

Oh i love this film!

Winnie said...

Looks like I NEED to watch this film!

Shay said...

woohoo! Love that film. Weirdly, I've been listening to the soundtrack a lot lately. So good.

Isabel said...

I've seen that movie! Maybe about a year ago? I don't remember it being the great though - and this is coming from a Joy Division obsessive.

Monica said...

SHAUN Ryder. His name is Shaun Ryder, not Paul Ryder

The Six Six Sick Girls said...


Actually Shaun is Paul's brother, Paul was the DJ for the evening.


Monica said...


D'oh, my mistake. How embarrassing, I'm such a buffoon, sorry.

Monica X