Monday, May 4, 2009

Spreading Some Blog Love: Six Six Sick + Modepass Contest!

As I've told you earlier this week, I've had spectacular luck at winning two blog contests in the past few months.  Since I don't consider myself an extraordinarily luck-blessed individual (although, if this continues, I should go out and buy some lottery tickets!), I'm assuming that not many people entered, probably because they assumed that the chances of winning were incredibly slim.  Anyway, when Julie from Modepass suggested we partner to do a contest, I thought it would be a great opportunity to pass the love forward.  All you have to do to enter is to join Modepass on our behalf!

There will be two separate prizes, and the two winners will be drawn from the pool of Modepass members registered from this blog alone, which means you won't be competing against regular members enrolling for Modepass, and that your chances of winning are very high!  Here's the information:

Modepass will provide one winner with a voucher of $100 which can be spend however you want (no particular brand).
Six Six Sick will provide another winner with a special surprise goody bag of Six Six Sick designed accessories/jewelry.  We have yet to decide what will be in the prize, but I promise you it will be good, and it will be representative of what we make for nightly party-outfits!

All you have to do is sign up for a Modepass Account, and then follow these steps:

1. Under "My Modepass" go to "My account"
2. Go to "Edit my profile"
3. In the "Who I am" section, go to the "Addicted to" field and write "Six Six Sick".

The contest deadline is Thursday, May 21st.

If you have any trouble with the process, you can email  While you're there, make sure to add us as your friend!

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styleslicker said...

I've entered :)

Teenage Dirtbag said...

Thanks for the comment!

p.s I love your blog!

amythewolf said...

i entered too! yeahhhhhh

amythewolf said...

me too!

Mcmaris said...

Cool, DONE!

Pop Champagne said...

sweet contest!!

Lani said...

thanks for the reminder to enter! i almost forgot! i am addicted to six six sick. :)

Dorian Vaine said...

(...Fan. )I wanted to compete...AHG.