Friday, May 22, 2009

Spellbound- Tonight!

This is late notice, but tonight we are hosting the EP Release party for our BFF Shelley's band Violethour. They will be performing at 10:00, along with our friends Autodrone. We will also be celebrating the latest issue of our friend Joshua's zine, Side Effects, which includes the ghost photoshoot that we partook in, and the latest collection of Arms and Armory Jewelry.  Sorry for not posting this earlier, but Christina and I have been hard at work and super-stressed about our outfits for tonight (DIY to come).  It's going to be an amazing night, so please stop by, and say Six Six Sick at the door for free entry!

Also, if you haven't entered our Modepass Contest yet, today is your last day to enter!  Do it!

Chris and Shelley of Violethour

A shot of Christina and I from our ghost themed shoot with Joshua for Side Effects zine.

Jeremy from Autodrone.  He DJ's the upstairs party on Tuesday at Happy Ending, and will also be doing a DJ set tonight!

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Not said...

fantastic ghosts!!

joy said...

ghost themed shoot looks so cool. It would be nice to see more pictures.

Francie. said...

Spellbound the musical? AHH!

ps. i love your blog. Mind if i tab it on mine yo

Daisy said...

wondrous photos, and nice set list !

Laura. said...

the ghost theme looks good

La Chauve-Souris said...

waowww next tiem Im in ny I must got to get in one of your parties...looks rad cool
this ghost photoshoot is one of the coolest ever... are you guys sisters?

bonne nuit

Winnie said...

Love that ghostie shot, looks like it was a little chilly though!

aandhblog said...

I love the ghost shot - the green headscarf reminds me of elementary school when we staged The Green Ribbon every day during recess. Really beautiful picture.